Child, 8, Thrown 31 Feet Off Waterslide Platform by Adult Because Queue Was Too Long

A man has been arrested on suspicion of throwing an 8-year-old boy 31 feet off a waterslide platform because the line was too long.

The 18-year-old male has been charged with third-degree assault after allegedly chucking the boy over the railings at the Apple Valley Aquatic Center in Minnesota on July 31.

The young victim plummeted 31 feet onto the concrete ground below, suffering several broken bones in his feet, legs and shoulders, reports Kare 11.

Emergency services said the boy was conscious and breathing when they arrived at the scene. He did not suffer any head or internal injuries as a result of his fall.

"About 70,000 people go through their water park every season, it's been open for 20 years and we've had nothing near this incident take place at all," Apple Valley Police Captain Nick Francis told KMSP.

Police said the 18-year-old and the boy did not know each other previously.

"There was no argument, no pushing, no shoving, no words exchanged, just this individual walking up and throwing this poor kid off the top," Francis added.

The suspect was later identified as Roman Adams, who suffers from developmental disabilities. The 18-year-old had an aide with him at the waterpark at the time, although it is not known if the aide was with him in the line for the slide.

Following his arrest, Adams reportedly admitted to police he did push the boy over the railing and watched him fall because the line for the slide was "taking a long time," reports Kare 11.

Francis said the boy's disabilities will be taken into account as he moves through the courts.

"It's difficult when we have to view someone as a possible suspect that's got some mental disabilities," Francis said. "But our job comes down to determining whether or not a crime took place, whether or not someone knew right from wrong."

The Dakota County Jail confirmed that Adams had been released from custody on 1 August, reports KSTP.

The waterpark closed following the incident due to "unforeseen circumstances" but reopened the following day.

The boy remains hospitalized in a stable condition. "We have someone who is alive today, who we didn't think was going to be alive yesterday," Francis said. "The victim is in amazingly good spirits, able to talk, able to laugh a little bit. His question was, 'why did this happen to me? Why did this person throw me over?'"

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