Mirror That Confuses Delivery Drivers Leaves Internet in Stitches

An apartment that has proved a little tricky for delivery drivers has left viewers in stitches after a woman shared how a mirror in her hallway trips up people who come to drop off her food order.

In a video shared on July 17, user britbaylis, who is from Australia, shared a selection of clips of drivers coming into the building to bring her order and walking directly into the mirror next to her door.

Coming out of the elevator with a bag of food, arm outstretched, delivery after delivery ends up heading into the wall before an embarrassed worker turns around and hands it to the TikToker.

The text overlay reads: "POV: You have a mirror outside your apartment that confuses uber eats drivers."

Watched more than 10 million times, TikTok users headed to the comments to react. "This is so funny," said one commenter. While another viewer wrote: "One day someone will walk inside the mirror into another dimension and never be seen again."

Another reply said: "All fun and games till the food falls out [of] their hands."

​​Online food delivery services have seen a boom in recent years, coming a long way since Pizza Hut launched the first ever online pizza-ordering service in 1994. Thanks to the rise of platform-to-consumer delivery services like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and DoorDash, a large number of restaurants are outsourcing delivery logistics and providing their food to more people in the comfort of their own homes.

According to Statista, revenue for the online food delivery market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.9 percent, resulting in a projected market volume of more than $96 billion by 2027.

Other comments on the viral video pointed out that due to the editing, it looked a lot like the TikToker was ordering lots of takeout food, but she clarified that the videos were recorded over a few months and she was not ordering from the delivery site daily.

"Must be pretty clean," said another reply reacting to the well-placed apartment mirror. Meanwhile, another viewer joked: "Why would you do them dirty."

Other TikTok users were keen to know more about the set up, asking: "Let's see it from their point of view," while another reply said: "Can we get a POV coming out of the elevator?"

"Whoever architect designed this, they need more training," wrote another reply.

One TikToker said: "Omg I laughed so hard [I] needed this."

Not the only mirror to capture attention online, back in February an optical illusion freaked out the internet after a mother and daughter realized that their mirror was reflecting something different from what was visible.

Newsweek has reached out to britbaylis for comment.

Mirror in hall and food delivery
A file photo of a mirror inside a hallway, left, and a photo of someone handing over a food delivery, right. The internet has viewed a video of fast food delivery drivers being baffled by a mirror in a hallway more than 10 million times. arselozgurdal/Evrymmnt/Getty Images