Who Is Sarah Rose Summers? Miss USA Accepted To Semi-Finals Despite Controversial Comments About Other Contestants

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers was accepted into the semi-finals on Sunday’s 2018 Miss Universe pageant after she made headlines for controversial comments about two of her competitors, though she did not advance to the top 10. Summers, 24, who wears the 2018 USA crown, apologized for the comments, which many found insensitive, on Saturday.

Summers first commented on Miss Vietnam H'Hen Nie and her lack of English skills. She noted H’Hen Nie is "so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she (nods and smiles)."

Nie was one of 20 competitors who made the semi-finals. Summers’s comments also extended to Miss Cambodia, Rern Sinat, who she said "doesn't speak any English and not a single other person speaks her language."

She then detailed a conversation she’d had with Miss Australia about Sinat. “Can you imagine? Francesca [Miss Australia], Francesca Hung, said that would be so isolating and I said yes and just confusing all the time," Summers said, CNN reported. "Poor Cambodia."

GettyImages-1071222466 Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers poses on stage during the 2018 Miss Universe national costume presentation in Chonburi province on December 10, 2018. Summers received heavy backlash for comments made about other contestants who don't speak fluent English. LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP/Getty Images

Summers was not the only one slammed for the conversation. The comments aired in a video on Miss Colombia’s (Valeria Morales) Instagram page, where she was seen with both Summers and Hung. All three have caught heat for the comments.

Miss Cambodia and Miss Colombia did not make the semi-finals. Miss Australia was the last inducted into the final 20.

Summers addressed the backlash in an Instagram post of herself hugging Miss Cambodia, Sinat. Miss Vietnam, Nie, is also seen in the photo.

“In a moment where I intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters, I said something that I now realize can be perceived as not respectful, and I apologies," she wrote in the caption.

She continued: "My life, friendships, and career revolve around me being a compassionate and empathetic woman. I would never intend to hurt another. I am grateful for opportunities to speak with Nat, Miss Cambodia, and H'Hen, Miss Vietnam, directly about this experience. These are the moments that matter most to me.”

Host Harvey opened the pageant with a speech on acceptance, unity and forgiveness. It’s unclear if his comments were related to the scandal.  Summers commented on her happiness when accepted to the final 20. "I'm very, very grateful," Summers said in a quick interview with host Steve Harvey after being accepted to the next level. Summers then spoke about her love of cycling classes.

This article has been updated to include the correct spelling of Miss Colombia's name.

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