Missing Disney Worker: Human Remains Found in Backyard of Monorail Mechanic

Authorities discovered human remains in the Florida backyard of a missing Walt Disney World worker, the Lake County Sheriff's Office confirmed over the weekend. Michael Shaver, a 36-year-old monorail mechanic at the theme park, went missing in 2015.

In the backyard of Shaver's home, authorities discovered parts of a human skeleton and articles of clothing buried beneath concrete under a fire pit outside, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The remains had not yet been identified but were sent for testing. Investigators said the testing would also determine the cause of death.

"We believe those remains have been there for an amount of time that would be consistent with the amount of time that Mr. Shaver has been missing," Lake County Sheriff's Lt. John Herrell said, according to WFTV. "However, we are not going to speculate."

Authorities reportedly went to check on Shaver at his home February 16 in response to a call from a concerned friend. It was there that they encountered his wife, Laurie Shaver, who said she had not heard from her husband since 2015. She allowed investigators to search their home, where deputies found what appeared to be freshly poured concrete in the backyard, according to the Associated Press.

"While at the residence, deputies were permitted to look inside the house," the Lake County Sheriff's Office said in a statement on Facebook. "As the interview moved outside, Mrs. Shaver stopped cooperating and stated she would like to have her attorney."

Investigators reportedly wanted to bring a cadaver dog into the backyard, but Laurie Shaver refused, according to the AP. Authorities then returned to the Central Florida home with a warrant and discovered the remains.

It remained unclear why authorities were not notified of Shaver's disappearance until now.

Anyone with information about Shaver's disappearance was asked to call 1-800-423-TIPS.