Missing Dogs Found Bound and Shot in Head As Owner Pleas for Information

Two dogs in Iowa were found bound and shot in the head on August 2, after being missing for weeks.

One-year-old Pit Bull mix Bella and 3-year-old black Lab Pepper both went missing in late July, leaving their owner Logan Lank distraught.

On August 2, a bridge worker found the dogs underneath an overpass, with gunshot wounds on the back of their heads and feet tied with rope.

"The dogs were found thrown over a bridge into the water," Lank told Fox 13. "They had gunshot wounds to the back of their heads, shot close enough to leave burn marks, and their feet were tied with rope."

After the dogs went missing on July 27, Lank took to social media for help in finding them. He told Fox 12 that the local community helped in the search for his pets and that the dogs were well-loved with no complaints from any neighbors.

Local authorities are currently investigating the deaths of the dogs, asking anyone with information to come forward.

"On August 2nd, 2022, the Cass County Sheriff's Office was made aware of the animal abuse, cruelty and killing of two dogs in the area of rural Cumberland, Iowa. These two dogs had been missing since July 27th, 2022 and were found dead near a bridge on 660th Street, close to Tucson Road," Cass County Sheriff's Office wrote online.

"The rear legs of the dogs had been bound and they were found to have been shot in the head. The Cass County Sheriff's Office has investigated and will continue to investigate any information that comes to our office pertaining to this incident."

The sheriff's office advised anyone with information to contact them on 712-243-2206.

Lank remains hopeful that the individual responsible will be caught and ultimately prosecuted to the full extent. He told Fox 13 that he wants them "to be held accountable by law and by their own haunted conscience for the gut-wrenching actions they have done."

Sharing to Facebook, the owner wrote: "Neither me or the community is going to let this go. Somebody has to be held accountable as these are not the kind of actions that we will tolerate."

Despite such a tragic ending, Lank is left with the happy memories of his dogs and is able to think of them fondly in these times.

"Every memory I had with these dogs was a blessing," he added. "Just being able to come home after a hard day and have my girls present was enough to ease my mind and help myself be at peace."

Newsweek has contacted Cass County Sheriff's Office and Logan Lank for comment.