'Missing' Drunk Man Accidentally Joins Search Party to Find Himself

In a recent and hilarious incident of intoxication, a man in Turkey decided to join a search party for someone who had been reported missing. He, however, didn't realize that he was the "missing" person in question.

Luckily, everyone involved was safe—though that's far from guaranteed in these types of ordeals.

The 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu had been drinking with friends on Tuesday, reported Vice, when he wandered into a nearby forest. When he didn't come back, his friends grew concerned and reported him missing to authorities.

As news of the "missing" man spread, volunteers from different neighborhoods joined with authorities to aid in the rescue mission. Among them was Mutlu, who appeared to not realize that the subject of the search was himself.

The search party reportedly continued for hours, with rescuers calling out Mutlu's name. However, it seems that it took Mutlu a while to register that pivotal piece of information. Eventually, at one point in the search, he suddenly announced his presence.

According to Turkish news channel NTV, per Vice, the search party suddenly heard a voice speak up and ask: "Who are we looking for?" It was Mutlu. "I am here," he said.

The Daily Sabah noted that authorities then escorted Mutlu to his home in the country's Bursa province.

It remains unknown how exactly the bizarre situation came to fruition, and it's unclear why it took hours for Mutlu (and the rest of the search party) to notice the mixup.

While fairly harmless, the incident calls to mind other recent situations in which intoxicated participants fared far worse.

Earlier this month, for example, Donald Ricketts of Poseyville, Indiana had allegedly been drinking when he crashed his vehicle into the side of a tractor-trailer. However, when Ricketts' wife Cheral came to retrieve him, she ended up making the same unfortunate mistake that he did: allegedly also under the influence, she crashed her car into her husband's vehicle. Thankfully, no one was injured in either incident, but both cars were totaled.

Across the globe, in August, intoxicated 65-year-old Rama Mahto of Madhodeh, India died after chewing on a venomous baby viper. The incident was reportedly a "revenge attack": the snake is said to have bitten him on the leg earlier that day. In response, Mahto caught the snake and chewed on it in retaliation. Meanwhile, the reptile bit him "more than 10 times" on the face. Despite the urging of his family, Mahto did not seek medical treatment and was found dead the following day.

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A drunken man in India reportedly joined a group of searchers without realizing the search party was looking for him. A discarded beer can in a pile of leaves, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Tim Graham/Getty Images