Who is Sgt. Elder Fernandes? Search Underway For Missing Fort Hood Soldier

Police in Texas and the Army are both asking for the public's help in finding the latest soldier to go missing from the Fort Hood military base.

Sgt. Elder Fernandes has not been seen since Monday afternoon after his Staff Sergeant dropped him off at his residence located in the 2700 block of Woodlands Drive in Killeen.

Family members also told ABC 13 that they have not heard from the 23-year-old since Monday.

Fernandes is a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear specialist assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade.

"We are seeking your help in locating Sgt. Elder Fernandes," the 1st Cavalry Division tweeted. "We are actively searching to locate him and continue to stay in contact with his family, friends, and law enforcement. Our primary concern is to ensure his safety and wellbeing."

The same missing soldier alert was also shared online out by the Fort Hood base.

"We have completed a search of the entire division area, to include motor pools, parking lots, and headquarters buildings, and the unit is in contact with the soldier's family, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division and civilian law enforcement agencies to help find him as we continue our search," the base said in statement. "Finding him and ensuring his safety is a top priority for the division."

Fernandes is approximately 5'4" tall and weighs approximately 133 pounds. He was last seen wearing black army PT shorts and T-shirt with red athletic shoes.

According to state rep. Liz Miranda, Fernandes' car was recently found with all his belongings inside.

"His mother just flew to Texas to try to find her son. He recently signed a new lease and never picked up the keys to his apartment," Miranda tweeted. "We are very concerned about his well being."

We are seeking your help in locating Sgt. Elder Fernandes.
Please contact the Fort Hood Military Police at 254-288-1170 or US Army CID at 254-287-2722, if you have any information on his whereabouts. pic.twitter.com/81I1SEx9hl

— 1st Cavalry Division (@1stCavalryDiv) August 20, 2020

Fernandes' disappearance comes just weeks after the remains of 20-year-old soldier Vanessa Guillen were found after she went missing from the Fort Hood base in April.

Authorities suspect that fellow soldier Aaron David Robinson killed Guillen before shooting himself as police tried to make contact with him in July. The victim's family claim the 20-year-old was sexually assaulted at the base, which the army denied.

In June, the remains of Pvt. Gregory Morales were also found around 10 months after he went missing from the Fort Hood base.

Anyone who has seen Fernandes or knows his whereabouts are been asked to contact the Killeen Police Department at (254) 200-7905. Alternatively people are being asked to call the Fort Hood Military Police at 254-288-1170 or US Army CID at 254-287-2722 if they have seen Fernandes or know where he is.

Killeen Police have been contacted for an update on the search.

Sgt Elder Fernandes, 23, has not been since Monday afternoon when he dropped off at his residence in Killeen. Killeen Police