Man Dies in Hospital Parking Lot after Being Refused Treatment Multiple Times, Family Say

A Missouri man suffering breathing difficulties died after a hospital refused to admit him on three separate occasions, his family have said.

Sadie Bell says her husband David Bell died in the parking lot of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Peters after being sent away from there three times last month.

Speaking to KMOV, Sadie Bell said that she took her husband twice during the week of January 8 and both times was only prescribed Ibuprofen before being sent away.

David Bell, director for Central County Fire and Rescue, then returned to the hospital on January 12 after complaining about having trouble breathing at work.

"I called his fireman, because one of his firemen took him, I said, 'Which hospital did you take him to?' he said, 'I went on and took him back to Barnes-Jewish because I know that's where you all had been going,'" Sadie Bell told KMOV.

"I said, 'Oh, I just wish you wouldn't have took him there.' He said, 'Why not?' and I said, 'Every time that we have taken him, all they did was give him Ibuprofen and sent him home, and I'm really thinking they missing something.'"

When Sadie Bell arrived at the hospital, her husband was sitting outside in a wheelchair. She claimed that doctors once again refused to treat him.

"He said, 'ma'am he's already been here twice for the same thing and we've already diagnosed him,'" she said.

Sadie Bell said that she was about to take her husband to another hospital when he died in the parking lot at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

The widow believes race may have been a factor in her husband not getting the necessary medical treatment.

"I don't know what they thought and I just don't understand why they wouldn't help him," she said. "I don't want any family to feel what we're feeling right now."

In a statement to KMOV, Barnes-Jewish Hospital said they could not share details surrounding David Bell due to patient privacy laws.

A spokesperson added: "Our thoughts are with the family after this loss, as well as with the entire Central County Fire & Rescue team."

The hospital has been contacted for further comment.

A memorial fund set up on behalf of the family states that David Bell had been suffering from an illness which kept him from working as a chemical mixer at Reckitt Benckiser.

"Despite multiple visits to the same ER in the previous days and repeated requests for assistance from the medical team that morning, his pleas and prayers went ignored," a description on the GoFundMe page reads.

"Tragically, David took his last breaths in the drive-up of the emergency room with his wife Sadie by his side."

The GoFundMe has since gone on to raise more than $47,000.

In a statement following his death, Central County Fire and Rescue said: "David, you led our CCFR family through some very challenging and difficult times these past three years, and you certainly succeeded in supporting us... in more ways than we could ever begin to list out here.

"We are all better for having known and worked with you to support and protect our community. We overcame some tremendous challenges and accomplished some amazing things under your leadership. The legacy you've left behind has undoubtedly made our community safer and better for having you at the helm for the past three years.

"David, we will miss your smile and the positive presence you brought to any room. We know that your faith in God was an integral part of your life. Rest in peace, friend."

Barnes-Jewish Hospital
(File photo) An exterior view of Holy Cross Hospital Emergency Ambulance entry on July 29, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A family claim that a man died in the parking lot of Barnes-Jewish Hospital in Missouri after seeking treatment for a third time. Johnny Louis/Getty