Video of Missouri Police Officer Kneeling on Pregnant Woman Sparks Outrage

Reports of a Kansas City police officer attempting to detain a pregnant woman by pinning her down to the floor have sparked outrage on social media.

A video showed the officer holding the woman as she sat down, appearing to struggle to breathe, while another voice yelled out: "Are you all serious? She's pregnant."

"Everybody needs to get back. You need to get back or you're going to jail," one officer can be heard saying. The incident occurred as police were called to a scene on reports of an altercation outside of a business between 10 to 20 people, according to Kansas City police spokesman captain David Jackson.

The owner told everyone on the scene that he did not want anyone on the property unless they were buying anything. One man reportedly refused to leave and when officers attempted to arrest the man, a crowd prevented the arrest,

After he managed to get away, he tripped, and when officers again attempted to get him in custody, two others interfered, he said at a press conference.

Police pulled a man and the pregnant woman off of the first man. The pregnant woman, Jackson said, resisted arrest. An officer first tried to arrest her while standing, before taking her to the ground.

"The officer who arrested the woman stated that he "took care" to not apply pressure from his knee to the woman's back, but kept his weight on his foot, according to Jackson.

Police called an ambulance which arrived within one minute, he added, and the woman was transported to a hospital, evaluated and released.

A video posted on, a local news website, shows the attorney who is representing the woman, Stacy Shaw, saying that activists had been calling hospitals to determine whether the woman had lost her child, accusing the officers involved of police brutality.

She mentioned that the woman had asked for her identity to not be released.

"We have mothers all over social media who have been crying, hoping this woman did not lose her baby," she said.

She then criticized Jackson for not answering questions from members of the public who, according to her, "rushed from work" to attend the press conference.

"Why was it necessary to handcuff and to put a knee on a pregnant woman's back when she is nine months pregnant? What sort of monsters would do that to a pregnant woman?" Shaw said.

Newsweek has contacted Captain David Jackson for comment.

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(File photo.) The Kansas City Police Department has come under pressure after a vide emerged of one of its officers attempting to restrain a pregnant woman by pinning her down to the ground. iStock