Brandy Hints at 'Moesha' Reboot After Show Comes to Netflix

Moesha lead star Brandy has hinted that she is in talks about bringing back the sitcom for a reboot. Just before Netflix released the original six seasons of the show onto their service, the actor and R&B singer revealed in an interview she was "in discussions with the right people to make it happen."

The sitcom, which aired from 1996 to 2001 on UPN, was released on Netflix last weekend, and made it to the top 10 most-viewed shows chart the following day.

However, the previous day, Brandy, who played the titular Moesha, said of a reboot to Rap-Up: "I'm completely open to it. I would love to experience that. I just want for everyone to know that I'm open to it and I'm in discussions with the right people to make it happen."

The last major reunion of the cast came in 2017, when Brandy, her brother Ray J, William Allen Young, Shar Jackson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Marcus T. Paulk and Countess Vaughn all appeared on the talk show The Real. During that appearance, the cast hinted that a reboot could happen because the original show had ended on a cliffhanger.

Then, in 2019, Brandy hinted that she was dedicated to returning to the show. At a DIVA Foundation event, the singer said she was, "here to solidify that we're gonna bring Moesha back."

Brandy is not the only former Moesha cast member who has been teasing a reunion in recent days. Sheryl Lee Ralph, who played Dee Mitchell on the show, hinted at the fate of Myles (Marcus T. Paulk), who was kidnapped in the series finale of the show.

She tweeted to a fan: "Remember we don't know IF Miles came back." [sic]

Remember we don’t know IF Miles came back

— sheryl lee ralph (@thesherylralph) August 2, 2020

So far, no one from Moesha has revealed exactly who they are in talks with, but with Netflix finding success with the original show, the streaming service might be open to bringing the series back.

In fact, it would hardly be the first show from the '90s that Netflix has rebooted. Among the other shows they have brought back in recent years are Tales from the City, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Full House.

The original Moesha may have only been on Netflix for a few days, but it already has been a hit for the streaming service. Currently, the sitcom is the seventh most-watched TV show of the day, and the 10th most-watched piece of content overall on Netflix.

In the coming weeks, Netflix is also releasing a number of other classic sitcoms from the 1990s. This includes The Parkers, the spin-off to Moesha starring Kim Parker actor Countess Vaughn alongside Mo'Nique, which is streaming from October 1.

Also coming soon to the streamer are The Game, Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, Half & Half and One on One.

moesha reboot netflix
Brandy (centre) has said she is in talks to bring back 'Moesha' Netflix

Moesha is not the only piece of '90s nostalgia that Brandy has revealed she wants to return to. In her Rap-Up interview, the singer also expressed interest in doing another duet with Monica, with whom she performed the R&B classic, "The Boy is Mine."

She said, "I believe she's down for it," but added it would have to be the right song: "I think for her it's also something that has to be a celebration as well."