Molly's Journal Entry: Any Leeches?

Last night was so cool. Everyone got their bathing suits and we took the dingy to a little beach really close to us. When Skip said we would be going through a cave I thought it would be like Skyline Caverns or Luray Caverns at home with the railing, and the tour guides, then he assured us it was anything but that! When we got to a small river I thought we were lost, but Skip and Samantha started walking in it. First I asked if there were any leeches--no leeches. Then I asked if there were any water snakes but he said no again so we all waded in with them. Fraser and I were walking in the river up to our chests; all the grown ups were in up to their thighs. The worst part about going through the river was that the mangrove vines kept going up your leg and it scared me half to death the first time. It was 8 o'clock at night so all of us had flashlights except Bebe, Cristel, Samantha and Mommy so Fraser and I had to split up between them so nobody tripped or got hurt.

When we got to the mouth of the cave the water level didn't go down so we walked through freezing water the whole way through. Then we finally got to a big sort of room with stalactites and stalagmites glittering everywhere. We lit candles all over the place so it would look eerie and it did. When we came out we were glad we did it.