Mom Accidentally Leaves Her Adult 'Toy' Charging and Her Son's Reaction Is Priceless

A mom was reduced to tears of laughter after accidentally leaving her "toy" on display while it was charging, to the dismay of her son.

Lekisha A. James shared a clip to her TikTok account, @kishaajames, as she captured her son's reaction on camera.

The mom is in hysterics as the boy, who appears to be a teenager, freaks out in the background.

In the on-screen caption, James wrote: "I forgot I was charging my toy... my son came in and saw it. I can't breathe."

"No, Mom," says the irate teenager. "Remove it from sight, remove it from your room, put it in a suitcase, put it in your dresser, somewhere under… put it in a sock. How about that, put it in a sock."

As his mother struggles to contain her laughter, he tells her it's "not funny" and assures her he's being "so serious."

It seems this is not the first time James has left the toy on display, as he rages that it's "the third time this week. And it's only Wednesday."

He also takes umbrage with the fact that that it was left on top of a tablet, with the black color of the toy perfectly camouflaging it on the gadget.

The video, simply captioned "I'm sorry son," has amassed more than 4.3 million views since it was shared five days ago. It can also be seen here.

James, who is believed to live in the U.S., has since shared two follow-up videos. Part 2, which has been watched more than 120,000 times, has the on-screen caption: "The yelling continues. Like he my daddy or something, this child."

In her second video, James tries to disguise the toy's purpose, claiming that she uses it on her feet.

"It's nothing," she says, adding, "I put it on the balls of my foot."

Her son is unconvinced, replying: "No you don't! That's not a foot massager."

In Part 3, uploaded just eight hours ago, his protests continue. He balks every time James goes to pick up the toy, as she says: "You told me to get it out the way."

He replies: "Do not touch the device. I'm not playing, Mom."

Commenting on James' first video, KeyNailedit joked: "He is stressed and traumatized."

Mrs Cayetano posted: "He will never recover from this."

"Bro going through the 10 stages of grief," Bforb20 wrote.

Tamara Robinson asked: "What's the GoFundMe so we can donate to his therapist bill?"

James herself responded in the comments, saying: "I promise it was an accident."

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Newsweek has reached out to James for comment.