Mom Beats Peeping Tom With Baseball Bat After He Flashed Daughter Through Window: Cops

An Oklahoma mother rushed to protect her daughter and struck an accused peeping Tom with a baseball bat after he allegedly flashed the girl through a bedroom window.

Del City Police Department officers found Corey McMichael, 46, lying injured on the ground after being called over the alleged incident on November 6.

"The male subject was still laying on the ground, complaining of injuries and that he needed an ambulance," Capt. Bradley Rule told News9 on Tuesday.

McMichael was then rushed to a nearby hospital for his injuries and was later booked into jail.

Capt. Rule told the network: "Obviously, he had some bumps all over, but he also sustained a broken wrist. She was well within her rights to protect her daughter."

A recording of the 911 call, obtained by News9, heard how the mother grabbed the bat after McMichael allegedly tried to enter the home and then exposed himself to her daughter.

During the recording, the mother said: "He had his clothes off. He had a trench coat on and he's on the side of my building. He was trying to come through my daughter's window, too."

The 911 operator asked: "Do you need medical attention? Ma'am, are you OK?"

"No. No. I'm just a little shaky, right now. Because I went out to my car to get my bat, and when I got it, I had to hit him with it."

Jail records seen by Newsweek show McMichael was booked into jail on November 7, after being discharged from the hospital.

McMichael was charged with one count of peeping Tom, one count of indecent exposure and burglary in the first degree.

Newsweek has contacted the Del City Police Department for comment.

Earlier in 2021, an alleged "peeping Tom" was fatally shot by a woman after she reportedly saw him standing outside her bedroom window in Houston, Texas.

When officers arrived outside the home in the 8900 block of Irvington Boulevard, they found the body of a man who had been shot several times.

Police said the woman inside the home had claimed to have been frightened when she saw the man looking through her bedroom window.

She claimed to have felt in danger, took her rifle, and then fired several shots through the wall in self-defense.

Police said at least one bullet struck the man in the torso and that he managed to stagger a short distance before he succumbed to his injuries and died in the driveway outside the home.

McMichael was charged with indecent exposure
On the left, McMichael poses for his mugshot. On the right, stock image of a police car. McMichael was charged with indecent exposure and two other offenses. Police records/ Getty