Mom Confronts School Bus Driver in Video Viewed 28M Times: 'My Kids Cry Every Day'

An alarming video, showing a parent's hostile encounter with her children's school bus driver, has gone viral on TikTok. Posted by a user known only as @cassahfrass1, the clip has racked up a whopping 28 million views in just two days, in addition to being widely shared on other platforms.

The incident comes during a tense time within the American educational system: schools are struggling to navigate the return to in-person classrooms and everything they entail—including transportation.

At its worst, these mounting tensions have resulted in instances of outright conflict in educational settings around the country.

This particular video, found here, begins with the school bus approaching from down the road. On-screen text added by @cassahfrass1 read: "This bus driver makes my kids cry every day."

The bus stops, its doors open and several young children start to walk onboard.

"I love you, have a good day," says the TikToker to her kids before addressing the bus driver directly.

"Please don't yell at my kids today," said @cassahfrass1 to the woman driving the school bus.

"I don't yell at your kids," replied the bus driver, immediately yelling.

The back-and-forth continues: "Yeah, you do," said @cassahfrass1.

"No, I do not," insisted the driver, who then added: "You shut your mouth."

"Who do you think you are?" asked @cassahfrass1. The bus driver repeats the question right back to her.

"I'm asking you not to yell at my kids," said @cassahfrass1.

"How dare you tell me not to yell at your kids," replied the driver.

The interaction ended with the TikToker insisting that "[her kids] cry every day" because of their interactions with the bus driver. Soon, the doors close and the bus drives away.

The video has been uploaded to @cassahfrass1's page twice, one with captions and one without. The former has been watched over 28 million times, and the latter totals at 6.5 million views.

While the TikToker has since turned off the ability to comment on her videos, she has since posted follow-up videos describing other specific incidents that she said happened to her children on the school bus.

For example, @cassahfrass1 alleged that the bus driver "grabbed [her] son's arm and pushed him into the seat." The TikToker also claimed that the driver made disturbing comments about her to her young children, including calling her "an a**hole" and saying she "needed to grow up and start taking them to school."

@cassahfrass1 added that she has reported the bus driver multiple times, though it remains to be seen if any disciplinary action will be taken against her.

Newsweek was unable to contact @cassahfrass1 for additional comment.

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A TikToker and a school bus driver recently had a heated argument about the mother's children, which has been viewed more than 28 million times. A stop sign on a school bus in Ashburn, Virginia. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images