Mom Defends Her Baby's Midnight Bedtime in Controversial Video Viewed 1M Times

A mom has sparked a fierce debate on TikTok after explaining why her baby daughter's bedtime is set at midnight—far later than is typical. The clip, found here, has gone viral in the day since it was posted, racking up 1.1 million views, 37,400 likes, and 3,000 comments at the time of writing.

The question of when babies should sleep remains somewhat contentious. Some, such as sleep resource Baby Sleep Science, argue that "as long as your child is getting enough sleep...then an early or late bedtime is fine as long as it suits your family's schedule."

Family therapist Kim West (also known as "The Sleep Lady"), however, noted to Pampers that a late bedtime can disrupt a baby's circadian rhythm—the natural, 24-hour process that regulates one's hormones and wake-sleep cycle.

"A young child's circadian rhythm naturally wakes them as early as 6:00 to 7:30 a.m. Too late a bedtime means they'll still awaken, but with less sleep," noted West. In addition to more sleep, an earlier bedtime is linked to babies falling asleep more easily.

Wrote TikToker @toriyav, also known as Victoria, in her video's on-screen captions: "I never understood why parents would put their babies to bed at 7:00 pm."

"That just means when they have their full 12 hours of sleep, they [will] wake up at 7:00 am," she explained. "And us being stay-at-home parents, this isn't very necessary."

She adds that "as long as the baby has their needed amount of sleep," it doesn't matter what their bedtime is. "Time is a man made thing. So she sleeps from 12:00 am [to] 1:00 pm and that's what works best for our family," she concluded.

In a series of follow-up videos, Victoria doubled down on the idea that "bedtime is a social construct" and that circadian rhythms "only [exist] because of society."

Viewers took to the comments section to weigh in on Victoria's parenting style.

"You're setting her circadian rhythms now for the rest of her life," wrote @aklady92. "It's not about what's convenient for you."

Many more pointed out that circadian rhythms are a natural and biological phenomenon, not a social construct. "They're biological," wrote @umidkmybffjill. "We're supposed to rise with the sun."

"I really disagree with this as it seems like a very wasted day for the child to be waking up at midday," added @antonia_whittle.

Others, however, backed Victoria's schedule for her baby.

"The reason everyone is so pressed is because this girl is confident in her choices," wrote @ambermerchant0. "That scares other mums that think they know everything."

"We did the same," commented @bruceandifosterkittens. "Transitioned to more regular 8-9pm when they hit 3-4 years old and they're doing just fine with school now and getting up at 7am."

Newsweek reached out to Victoria for comment.

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