Mom 'Devastated' by Daughter's 'Awful' Tattoos Divides Opinion Online

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share how she is "devastated" that her 26-year-old daughter has got tattoos, and many online are in disagreement.

In the post shared to the discussion-based site by an account called Choclover27, the disgruntled mother started by proclaiming: "Yup. I hate them."

She then went on to reveal: "Today she showed me her new 'sleeve.' It's big black bold and bloody awful.

"She already has numerous tattoos and they're getting bigger each time. She seems addicted. I don't like tattoos."

"I don't have to like them," she continued. "That's my choice. I've cried over it/her in private! I've read up about parents' reactions to our kids tattoos.

"And we are supposed to be happy that they are expressing themselves. But I'm struggling with that. I was ok with a few, ok with all the piercings... but the sleeve is too far. In my opinion."

The story ended with the mother asking: "Does anyone else feel like me or am I the b***h mother from hell?"

Tattoos in the U.S. are more common than you might think, with a 2021 survey conducted by Statista revealing that 17 percent of Americans have more than one, and 9 percent have just one.

Additionally, of those who have tattoos, only 12 percent regretted their decision while 88 percent were happy with their choice.

The post, which was shared on January 31, has attracted lots of attention online with nearly 750 comments, with some people opining that the mother should not voice her feelings.

One Mumsnet user, OmgIThinkILikeYou, wrote: "At 26 I don't really think it's any of your business what she does with her body. You don't have to like them but whether it's 'too far' is not for you to decide."

Another person, Motheranddaughtertotwo, was more sympathetic, explaining: "YABU [you are being unreasonable] but only because I love them. Try not to let it bother you, there's nothing you can do so try not to let it stress you."

Scarpa remarked: "You don't have to like them. Nobody is forcing you too. But as she's 26, it's absolutely none of your business. What does it matter if you do or don't like them? What does crying over them achieve?"

HangoverSquare shared: "You don't have to like them, not at all, you just have to accept that it's her body and she may continue to keep getting more and more tattoos.

"I do think the trend for extreme tattooing means there are going to be bigger tattoo regrets in years to come, certainly not as easy to hide a sleeve as it is to hide a dolphin on your bum, but that's her concern."

However, one account holder called Ohmycron took the story poster's side admitting: "I hate them. I made children with perfect lovely skin. Luckily mine all hate them too. Would also be sad."

Luredbyapomegranate00 commented: "A sleeve would tip many people over the edge. But you know, she can have them lasered off, I guess, And the perception of them has changed. Try and gently encourage her to take a break for a bit."

A stock image of a woman with tattoos. On Mumsnet one mother has shared that she is "devastated" by her daughter's tattoos. iStock