Mom Dragged for Wanting to Throw Entire Grocery Shop Out Over 'Gross' Fly

The internet has dragged a mother who planned to throw away all of her freshly delivered groceries over one single fly being in the bag, even though items were packaged separately.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Wednesday, the mother, who goes by the username Cffee, explained that when her groceries were delivered, she found a "massive fly" inside, which she thought was "gross."

"It was stuff like berries, milk, hot dogs etc but I don't have any anti bac wipes and the idea of eating food that a flies been crawling and pooping and whatever else all over seems pretty grim, [AmIBeingUnreasonable] [to throw the] bag of shopping away?"

She explained that even though she knows she has tendencies to overreact, and she doesn't really have money to waste, she wants to throw the food away because she thinks they will get sick by eating it.

A file photo of a fly. The internet has slammed a woman for throwing food away because a fly was in the bag. Getty Images

Throwing food away may not be the best idea given the current economic climate. According to data published by the center on poverty and social policy at Columbia University, poverty rates throughout the country have risen a lot since last year.

In February 2022, the poverty rate for the total U.S. population amounted to 14.4 percent. It was a slight decrease from 14.7 percent in January 2022, but a continuation of the spike from the December 2021 monthly poverty rate of 12.5 percent.

Among the 173 comments in the thread, the vast majority told the woman to keep the food and eat it. One user, MrsPelligrinoPetrichor asked: "The food is in containers though, right?" And Whiskeypowers said: "Since you have asked no I think you would be overreacting in the extreme if you throw perfectly fine food away."

Muststopeating told the woman: "No no no. Please don't throw away the food... you absolutely will not get sick. Will waste your money, the food and put unnecessary materials into landfill. Please don't." And Cloverforever said: "Over-reaction, definitely."

Another user, Soubriquet said: "Yabu! The food has packaging does it now. They aren't loose in the bag." And IHopeYouStepOnALegPiece added: "It's a fly, what's to stop one being in your kitchen and landing on things!? Why on Earth do you need to clean the outside of food packets. I'm aghast at the food you're willing to waste. Awful."

BodenCardiganNot said: "The food is packaged. Why on earth would you throw it away?" And Therealpink joked: "Are you 6? Come on."

StrangeCondition reassured her: "But the fly hasn't been crawling over the food, it's been crawling (possibly) over the wrappings that the food is in."

liveforsummer wrote: "Huge over reaction - massive! Wipe it down with a sponge and a bit of washing up liquid if you must. Rinse the fruit as you normally would as it will have had flies all over it during various stages of its life."

SofiaSoFar said: "Regardless of whether it's delivered loose or packaged, what do you think happens to food when it's growing in fields or poly-tunnels? Come on, OP..."

And WaltzingWaters added: "I hate flies on my food, but everything is in packaging, and the fruits you need to wash anyway, it's absolutely fine. Please don't waste all that food and packaging."

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