Woman Arriving at Brother's for Christmas to Find She's Cooking Sparks Fury

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share that since she arrived at her brother's house for Christmas she has had to do all the cooking and cleaning—and the internet is outraged.

Posting to the discussion-based site on December 20, under the account name LongCovid22, she started by revealing she arrived at her brother's after a "90 mile drive" to find that the place was a "s****ole."

She then explained: "The kitchen table is covered in crap and clutter. I've just had to throw out some rotting food in a pan.

"I've brought the kids presents with me and will have to organise all the Xmas day food too. No decorations are up. I'll have to do that too."

The woman finished the post by revealing: "The kids are oblivious to all the stress I'm under trying to facilitate that and my parents have booked an Airbnb nearby for the day after boxing day so I can't just up and leave. I feel full of rage right now."

The story has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on December 20, having attracted many comments, with people sharing their outrage at the woman's situation.

One Mumsnet user, HoardingSamphireSaurus, wrote: "Go home. Invite your parents to yours, if you want. But tell them what you found and just go home!"

Another person, MiniatureHotdog, added: "Book yourself an AirBnB too??"

0palescent typed: "I'd go home. I would have expected to contribute to Christmas Dinner. But the cleaning, decorating, and lack of organisation for dinner would be too much."

Alltiredanddangerous asked: "Are you being held against your will? Put the kids back in the car and go home."

Chickychoccyegg commented: "Absolutely don't do it OP [original poster], go home, phone your parents and explain, but do not clean, decorate, supply, and cook all the Christmas dinner, that sounds so rubbish."

NoSquirrels stated: "You absolutely CAN go home again. Your parents and their Air BnB are not compelling reasons to stay.

"If you cannot face a showdown, then I am sure you've started to feel peaky, a LFT has showed a possible faint line and you'd better isolate at home..."

ABCeasyasdohrayme admitted: "That sounds horrendous. I would make my excuses and leave. Your kids deserve a lovely Christmas, and it doesn't sound like anyone will get one there.

"You can tell your parents your reasons and they can decide what to do for themselves. We have so few Christmasses as children, I wouldn't be sacrificing one of them just to appease someone who obviously doesn't give a sh*t about any of you."

A file photo of a dust pan full of Christmas mess. On Mumsnet, one woman has shared her annoyance that she's had to cook and clean at her brother's house. iStock