Mom Receives Gift Every Day for 60 Days in Surprise 60th Birthday Countdown

One mom's wholesome reaction to her 60th birthday countdown has brought a smile to the internet. In the run-up to the milestone birthday in July, TikTok user @abbiedr99 planned a "60 days before you're 60" surprise for her mom, with a different present for her to open each day.

In the first video shared on May 28, Abbie's mom can be seen walking into the living room, where she is greeted by a mountain of presents.

"Oh My God! What the hell!" she squeals upon seeing all of the gifts. "It's not my birthday yet."

After noticing the sign alongside the presents, the mom starts to tear up.

Reading the note out loud, she says: "Today marks 60 days until your 60.

"Our gifts to you are wrapped and ready to play a game. You have 60 presents and will be allowed to open one a day.

"All you must do is poke a hole in the cup and find the number inside. The number will match a gift for you to open."


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Overwhelmed by the effort her family went to for her birthday, she says: "I never expected anything like that."

Poking a hole in the first cup, the mom finds the number 14, along with a note reading "to make the room fresh." The gift is a plug-in air freshener.

Users couldn't get enough of Abbie's adorable mom, with the post receiving over 277,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

"She is the cutest!!" wrote Catherine Ellison.

"Awww look how happy she is," said shannonleighh.

"Protect this precious [woman] at all costs" commented Tor Louise.

Although no one knows the exact origin of birthday celebrations, they are believed to have begun in ancient Egypt. The Bible has been said to contain the first known birthday party, but some experts suspect it may actually be referring to a pharaoh's coronation date than his actual birthday.

Romans were thought to be the first to commemorate the birthdays of non-religious figures, such as friends and family—but only if they were male. Men reaching their 50th birthday received a cake, but women's birthdays weren't observed until the Middle Ages.

For day two of her birthday celebrations, Abbie's mom chose the number 47 and a note that said: "for your nuts." The present was two striped plastic bowls, to which she responded "Oh they'd be lovely for the garden."

For day three, she picked the number 10, which turned out to be a candle. For day four and the number 19, she received her favorite hair products.

On day 21, Abbie's Dad took over while she worked the night shift, but unfortunately, he gave the answer away.

"It's got to be a vase," he can be heard saying, while Abbie's mom rummages through the pile trying to find the present marked "25."

Currently on day 23, Abbie's mom has received everything from a popcorn bowl for movie night, pamper products, a wok and a nightgown.

Abbie's mum isn't the only parent to go viral for her birthday bonanza. One dog dad won the internet's heart back in March, after deciding to throw himself a joint birthday party with his pooch Molly. While an "entitled" man celebrating his 40th birthday became internet famous for all the wrong reasons, after throwing a tantrum over a restaurant's drink menu.

60th Birthday Countdown for Mom Goes Viral
Left, a stock photo of a woman giving her senior mother a birthday gift and a bouquet of roses. Right, a stock photo of a large pile of presents. Abbie's mom loved her surprise 60th birthday countdown, which included a gift every day until her milestone birthday in July. Marcos Elihu Castillo Ramirez/DmitriiSimakov/iStock/Getty Images Plus