Mom Gives Birth in Gas Station Bathroom Alone, Dubbed 'Superwoman'

Second-time mom, who goes by Kaitlyn Mancera on TikTok, has stunned the internet after sharing the moments after she gave birth in a gas station toilet.

"When you think you can hold it and give birth in a gas station," she wrote alongside the footage of her standing in the bathroom holding her newborn baby, which can also be seen here.

Kaitlyn Mancera was dubbed "superwoman" by her husband Sergio Mancera, who had been unknowingly waiting in the car for her while she gave birth. The couple had been driving to her delivery hospital when they pulled over to a Pilot Flying J gas station, after Kaitlyn Mancera said she needed to go.

The mom's contractions had started at 10 a.m. but she hadn't been in too much pain. Instead, she said her final contractions felt more like she needed to go to the bathroom, and were centered around her back instead.

"As soon as I stood up, my water broke. It happened so fast. As soon as it happened, I was like, oh no, oh God. Please, please don't let me have this baby in a restroom," she told Inside Edition.

"As soon as I put my hand down there, I felt him come straight out. And I just held him right there in front of me and I was like, 'Oh my God!'"

She pinpointed her first labor as to why she was so unaware this time too, explaining in a video that her first one was "so painful," in comparison and she believed the push feeling was only in the front.

"Ten minutes [later] a woman came and said, 'hey, your wife has just given birth'," explained Sergio Mancera in a YouTube video.

"There were about four or five women in front of her and she had the baby in her arms," he added.

A video uploaded by Sergio Mancera showed his wife being helped by an ambulance worker, appearing a little less calm and collected than in the viral clip.

The pair had contemplated stopping at another hospital on the way, but decided to carry on as she felt she could wait.


You wouldn’t believe it, unless you saw it happening. 😅 YT: The Mancera Family #naturalbirth #laboranddelivery #part2 #DontSpillChallenge #fypシ

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Kaitlyn Mancera said the bathroom was surprisingly clean, and added that if it wasn't, she would have moved to the car to give birth instead.

The ambulance soon arrived and she was taken to hospital on a stretcher, where they helped her cut the umbilical cord and deliver the placenta. Commenters on the video asked why no one had aided the mother with a chair to sit on, but Kaitlyn Mancera confirmed that she chose to stand as it felt more comfortable in the moment.

Baby Callihan weighed 7lb 3oz, and the couple has shared clips of the healthy baby to their joint TikTok account since the original video gained over a million likes.

Commenters on the video joked that the mom should be guaranteed free gas for life, but it might not be too far from the truth. Although they haven't been awarded a lifetime of gas just yet, the pair did share an Instagram message they received from the official Pilot Flying J account, asking them to get in contact with them after hearing the story.

Her advice to moms? "If you feel like you need to poop during pregnancy, run to the hospital."

Newsweek has contacted the Manceras for comment.

Pregnant woman's stomach
Stock image of pregnant woman's stomach. A mom has gone viral after giving birth in a gas station bathroom. Getty Images

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