Mom Comes Up With Genius Trick to Make Her Teen Clean Her Room Using Rice

Teenagers are known to be sleepy, late and messy, often leaving a trail of dirty laundry and washing up in their wake.

Their bedrooms usually look like a war zone, and one mom had had enough of asking her daughter to clean, so she took matters into her own hands. Tiffini Hamer from L.A. filmed her 16-year-old's messy room and shared the clip on TikTok on Sunday saying: "When your teen won't clean her room."

The bed is unmade, clothes and hangers are scattered on the floor, and every surface is covered in clutter. Rather than grounding her child, restricting privileges or simply demanding she clean it, the mom decided to adopt a sneakier approach.

She bought some black rice, and scattered it around the room mimicking rodent feces. Hamer left grains of rice in the closet, on her bedside table, the floor and even under the duvet.

The clip amassed more than 6 million views, and can be seen here, as people branded Hamer a "genius."

Explaining more about why she went to such extreme lengths to get her youngster to clean, in the comments Hamer said: "This doesn't bother me, unless it was dirty. Her room was messy. But she has a dog and I constantly wash clean clothes because they are covered in hair."

She added: "Usually if her room is not cleaned in the morning I take her phone, but I got lazy this week." Turns out her alternative method worked a treat, as Hamer confirmed: "She's cleaning now."

A follow-up clip, also shared on Sunday, revealed a neat and tidy bedroom, as Hamer updated fans, saying: "Since you all asked #PART2 she even cleaned her closet and got rid of clothes."

People were desperate to know if she confessed her devious hack to her daughter, with Hamer revealing: "I told her after she cleaned most of the room."

She added: "It is not perfect but we are in a 1,700sq ft rental and moved from a 3,600sq house. So until we buy a house we are low on space."

Her trick amassed scores of impressed comments, as Gosiab wrote: "Omg that's genius, I will try on my boy."

Lulu6977 commented: "This is genius. Teaching your kids responsibility starts with cleaning their rooms! Not totally their space when it's in your house. Rock on mom!"

Dovey pointed out; "I like this idea. Instead of cleaning their room for them you're teaching them what can happen if kept unclean!!"

While Dana Bedsole333 added: "Genius. I'll be going to buy a bag tomorrow!"


Since you all asked #PART2 she even cleaned her closet and got rid of clothes #NeverStopExploring #ShowYourGlow

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Liz Kees said: "All these other parents trying to guilt this mother, this is genius! I hated cleaning my room but I was lazy and would rather do other things..."

Although some criticized Hamer for sharing the mess, saying it may be a sign of underlying problems, others picked up certain items in the room, including a lighter.

Responding to the numerous comments, a third clip was shared, believed to show the daughter, saying; "Let's talk about these allegations.

"My room was messy for four days, when I started to clean my ADHD kicks in... mom look at the birds flying. If I had mental health issues my mom is my BFF and would be the first to know. I can tell her anything.

"My mom did not humiliate me by posting my room, if she thought it would she wouldn't have posted it. Lighter and spoon are gone."

Newsweek reached out to Hamer for comment.

File photo of a messy room.
A file photo of a messy room. A mom has been hailed as a "genius" for getting her daughter to clean her room, using rice. Motortion/Getty Images