Internet Backs Woman Whose Husband Wants To Attend Wedding Abroad Near Her Due Date

A mom united internet users in outrage after sharing that her husband plans to attend a foreign wedding just weeks after her due date.

The mom posted her situation to popular forum Mumsnet, asking for opinions on whether she's being "over the top" with her reaction.

After explaining that their baby is due around the time of her husband's friend's bachelor party, which is taking place abroad, she confirmed that her husband decided to skip it.

However, he has chosen to still attend the wedding, requiring a four-night stay and a 4-5 hour flight, just 2-3 weeks after her due date.

"[My husband] is not particularly close to this friend, they're both part of the same wider group," she wrote. "He is saying he'll miss the stag but really wants to go to the wedding so this will mean me staying at home with a two-week old and three-year-old."

"I have no family nearby and no help. I'm kind of shocked he wants to go and don't know how to say i'm terrified of being left alone so early on but don't know if i'm just being OTT," she added.

The mom's situation has highlighted the discrepancies between parental responsibilities in the modern day. In 2016, according to Pew Research Center, around half of Americans (53 percent) said that mothers do a better job than fathers when caring for a new baby. Only one percent said fathers do a better job than mothers.

Although 71 percent said it's equally important for newborn babies to bond with their mothers as it is their fathers, around a quarter (27 percent) said it's more important for babies to bond with their mothers.

Despite fathers spending far more time on childcare than decades past, they spent a reported average of eight hours a week on child care in 2016, and 10 on household chores. In contrast, mothers spent around 14 hours a week on child care and 18 hours a week on housework.

For this mom's specific case, many felt it was an opportunity for equal parenting to truly come in to play, with many insisting the father should not be jetting off so soon after the baby arrives.

"Why should she have to manage?" asked one user. "They're his children too. Can you imagine if it was the other way round - people would be frothing that a mum wanted to leave her 2 week old to go off on a 4 day holiday."

"If it was a night away and you could work round it, but 4 days/nights is just not fair. You will be sleep deprived, emotional and need support. You will be bonding with your new baby while trying to comfort, love and support your 3 year old. The fact that you don't know what the birth will be like also should be taken into consideration, what if you had a C' Section? It's really not unreasonable to say you don't want him to go."

The mom confirmed that she has a C-section scheduled, and although last time was up and moving relatively quickly, isn't sure it will be the same this time.

"I've recently had a planned C section and despite a pretty smooth recovery, there is no way I could have lifted my toddler safely two weeks after the birth, let alone any of the other things that go along with keeping a newborn and toddler safe and happy single handed for five solid days. This is a terrible, terrible idea OP, burn it with fire," recommended one concerned user.

"You would probably be okay with the baby, you'll be fine lifting a newborn but a 3yo in the equation makes it a big fat no. If they play up you'll be physically unable to do anything about it," agreed another.

Despite the overwhelming majority being against the trip, a rare minority supported the husband's decision: "Nothing to be terrified of with a bit of forward planning for food and supplies. Just have him get himself to from/airport and you will be fine," suggested one user.

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