Mom Invents 'Genius' Parenting Hack to Stop Teen Daughter Wearing Revealing Outfits

Any parent will know interactions with your teenagers are mostly painful, with monosyllabic arguments raging over homework, screen time and tidying up.

But one mom may have come up with the perfect method to shut down any debates over inappropriate outfits—so parents take note.

Amy Sloan, who describes herself as a "39 year old mom embarrassing my kids on TikTok," shared a hilarious skit with her husband, Chad Sloan.

The mom-of-four uploaded a clip showing herself chatting to her "daughter," which is played by her in the spoof clip.

Sloan, pretending to be a teenager, walks into a room on her phone, dressed in hot pants and a cropped hoodie, showing off her midriff.

The mom tells her "daughter" to go change, amid protests of "it's fine" and "it's what everyone's wearing."

Sloan says: "Oh, everybody's wearing it? If I'd have known that! I'll be right back."

She disappears upstairs and returns in an identical outfit to her "daughter", wearing tiny denim shorts with a crop top.


This video has lived in my head for a long time! I’m so excited it finally came to life!🙌🏻

♬ original sound - The Amy Sloan

"I had to borrow some of your clothes, you swear this is fine?" she asks the teenage version of herself, who shrugs and says "yeah that's fine."

Sloan then calls out to her husband, saying "Chad, she says it's fine," as he walks in wearing exactly the same outfit.

"I'll drive," he says grabbing the car keys, as the teenage character cries: "Dad, no! I'll go change."

Amy and Chad high five, as they celebrate what will surely be a win for parents everywhere.

The brilliant parenting strategy has been watched more than 30 million times, as Sloan thanked her husband for being a good sport.

She said: "This video has lived in my head for a long time! I'm so excited it finally came to life! Special thanks to my man for really putting his all into this one."

Fellow parents are raving about the idea, with Nikxxxee commenting: "This is perfect. Every parent needs to do this. And then go and hang with your kid to really embarrass them."

And Britt O declared: "This is [the] biggest parenting flex, I can't wait for this inevitable scenario with our daughter to occur."

Agreeing, TikToker AfricanHippie wrote: "Channelling parenting genius!!"

While Lark also advised: "Best way to stop a girl from wanting a dress, find it in your size and say 'look we can be twins'."

Jass Tova joked: "It's all fun and games until your dad jumps on the trend."

Although Dar G admitted: "This wouldn't have worked on me cause I'd have been too impressed my dad was willing to wear it."

While Sherry added: "Omg if my dad did that I would definitely let him go out the house like that."

Teenager lying on a pile of clothes
Stock image of a teenager lying on a pile of clothes. A mom's hack to always win arguments over inappropriate outfits has been called 'genius'. NinaMalyna/Getty iStock