Mom Praised After Dumping Man for Sleeping Instead of Caring for Their Kids

The internet has sided with a woman who is leaving her partner after he neglected their children for over 10 hours while she was at work, leaving them unattended with no food.

In a post shared on Reddit on Monday, the woman known as u/throwawaymom8999999 explained that after coming home from a 10 hours shift, she found the house all messy, with food and trash everywhere, and her hungry baby daughter screaming.

She wrote: "My child (8-year-old, male) runs up to me, covered in stains and baby formula saying 'Sis is crying real bad, she's hungry. I'm sorry I tried to feed her.'

"I rush in the nursery and sure enough my daughter's diaper is full, she's screaming and crying, face red. Literally still in her crib!"

She later learned that her older son tried to feed her six-month-old baby formula, but wasn't able to make a bottle.

She added: "He'd been trying to open the door to me and my husband's bedroom. It was locked the whole time, while he was in there sleeping."

After staying up all night playing video games, her partner promised her before going to work that he would stay awake to take care of their children, but that didn't happen, and when she confronted him about it he just stared at her "dumbfounded" and said: "Oh my bad....I thought they ate before you went to work.

"I'm shaking. Literally have never been so mad in my life. And all he can say is "sorry". I don't know where I'm going but I have to leave."

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The post, which was first shared on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest, has attracted a lot of attention, and has so far received over 25,300 upvotes and 1,116 comments, and most user told the woman she's better off alone.

One user commented: "Good job for seeing how hard your son tried and knowing it was not even his job to do any of that. Your son needed to hear that from you because it sounds like he did his very best.

"As for your soon-to-be-ex I hope he loses his kids. 10 hours. He said he thought you fed them before you left and that he didn't need to worry about it again for 10 HOURS. That is not how a father behaves. I'm so mad for you. If my baby was left alone for a portion of that time I would still be seething. This is not your fault either, you should absolutely be able to depend on your partner to BE A PARENT."

Another said: "Don't you leave. Kick him out! I am so sorry for you, this is heartbreaking, especially the attempts of your 8 year old to help and feed [little one]. Kick him out, as fast as you can."

And a third pointed out: "The locked door is honestly the most alarming thing here. Wanting to be unreachable by your infant and 8-year-old who is home alone with just you is a clear sign that he doesn't give a sh*t."

While a fourth shared their own similar personal experience: "I left a similar situation. My ex one time stayed up so late that he woke up late to take two of the older boys to school and when I checked the front door camera as they walked out, I noticed he didn't have the baby with him. Check the baby monitor, yep, sure a sh*t HE LEFT THE 6-MONTH-OLD BEHIND. I called him over and over from my work till he picked up five minutes later, and I ended up just saying he was 'sorry'.

"Leave and don't look back. These type of men don't care about any responsibilities. They just want a women to act like their mother. That is not our job and we are not obligated to do the raising their parents didn't do.

"I divorced that man, went to therapy, raised my kids with him rarely seeing them, and years later, they are healthy, happy and so am I. Best of luck, keep hold of your strength, and know you deserve the best in the world."

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A stock image shows a couple arguing. The internet has sided with a woman who's leaving her partner after he locked himself in the bedroom for 10 hours while she was at work, leaving his little children, including a baby, unattended. Getty Images