Mom-To-Be Backed for Banning Husband From Delivery Room Over Name Drama

A mom-to-be who alleged she's banning her husband and his family from the delivery room after they attempted to choose a name for her baby without her approval has received support online.

The mom-to-be shared a post to popular Subreddit "Am I the A**hole," where users head to source advice on personal situations. In just a day the post has gained over 15,000 interactions.

In the post—titled "AITA For Deciding Not To Let My Husband Into The Delivery Room?"—the 29-year-old woman shared that her 30-year-old husband "has been getting annoyed with me lately and telling me to just pick a name for the baby."

Her husband, she claimed, and his family have a long-running tradition of naming a baby before it's born. The family embroiders the name onto an heirloom blanket so the baby can be wrapped in it straight after birth in the delivery room itself.

The husband is set on naming the baby after his grandmother, she wrote, but she does not like it. Instead, she would rather choose the name after the birth.

"Although it may sound odd, I wanted to see her before naming her but have decided not to so that he can please his family," she wrote.

Mom choosing baby name
Stock image of a woman deciding a baby name. A popular post from a mother expressed concern over her husband's family choosing a name. Getty Images

Despite the mom-to-be's belief it is odd naming a baby after birth is actually the practice of around a quarter of mothers, according to data from Baby Center. Seventeen percent of parents chose to name their baby on the day of its birth, while eight percent chose to wait a few days or even weeks after.

"Every time I suggest a name, he'll attack it, calling it ugly in a variety of ways," wrote the mom-to be. In the post, she wrote that she would like to name their baby Jessica, after her late sister who passed away from a heart attack.

"Today, his mother was pressuring me to suggest a name, and I just blurted out the name Jessica," she wrote. "After a pause and a laugh, she said it was a name for a large girl, and it was a very unsuitable name. She went on to ask me if I wanted the baby to be ugly and if I was trying to ruin its life before it was even born.

"The next day she was at my doorstep and told me that she decided on a name. and then said my decor was tacky, she said she was naming the baby Connie, after her mother. It was a name neither I nor my husband picked, and wouldn't cause an argument between us. I told her no and asked her to leave and eventually, she did, but not after some insults were issued to me."

Baby bump
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After arguing with her husband about the situation, he dubbed her "selfish" and asked her to leave the house. "He's been trying to contact me for a few days now, apologizing, but I don't want to speak to him," wrote the mom-to-be. "I've also decided that I'm not telling his family when I go into labor, and if I must I am not allowing them anywhere near me while I'm birthing the child."

Reddit users reacted to the popular post with fury aimed at the husband's family and flooded her with suggestions on what to do next.

"I hope you divorce him so you can ultimately divorce his entire family. How insane of his mother to believe she can choose the name of YOUR child. How insane of her to insult you. Your husband kicked you, his pregnant wife, out of the house? Especially over a name choice?" wrote one user.

"Regardless of the husband and terrible in-laws, do what YOU want for the name," advised another. "I named my kid something that I didn't want to try to please the father and I have regretted it ever since. Please don't make the same mistake."

Others even recommended she choose not to tell him any information about the birth until filling out the birth certificate, with one user writing: "In fact, I wouldn't tell him anything about the baby until you've filled out her birth certificate with a name YOU like, since apparently he and his family can dictate what you name her. Plus, he kicked his pregnant wife out of their house. In my opinion, that is marriage ending behavior."

The mom-to-be was left adamant she had made the right decision after the backing of the subreddit, and even took on name recommendations that made a happy compromise of what the family wants.

"I might actually name her that," she wrote in response to one suggestion.