Mom Scolding Son for Doing 'Nothing' To Help Wife With Baby Sparks Praise

A woman who slammed her son for not doing enough to help his wife following the birth of their child has been applauded for supporting her daughter-in-law.

Women have often been assigned the traditional role of caregiver to young children and while changes in the workplace have shifted family dynamics, some old habits die hard.

A 2017 survey from the Pew Research Center found that 53 percent of Americans felt mothers did a better job of caring for a new baby than fathers. However, the same study also found that the view that mothers do a better job was more commonly felt among men (56 percent) than women (50 percent.)

Older generations appeared to share this view with 60 percent of Americans aged 50 to 65 and 66 percent of those aged 65 or older saying mothers did a better job, compared with just 47 percent of those aged 30 to 49 and 40 percent of those under the age of 30.

Despite this generational divide, one older mother-in-law has gone viral after opting to buck the patriarchal approach to childcare while visiting her son, his wife and their newborn baby.

Writing as SpiritualProgress938 in a post upvoted over 36,000 times on Reddit, the new grandmother noted that though she "doesn't get involved" in her children's relationships she felt compelled to do so when she got to her son's home.

Upon seeing her daughter-in-law Megan, she immediately became concerned as "the house was not clean" and she looked like she hadn't "showered in days."

Knowing how messy things can get "especially when you're tired" she initially put her concerns to one side. However, after her son popped out to the gym, she decided to find out how Megan had been getting on.

She revealed to her mother-in-law that she was "exhausted" as their baby "feeds every two hours." Concerned that she wasn't getting enough rest and that she smelled unclean, she told Megan to have a nap.

"In my 61 years of living on this earth I've never seen an adult fall asleep faster," she wrote. "I looked after the baby for four hours and made lunch till Megan woke up and took a shower."

It took her just a day to realize that her son who is on paternity leave was not pulling his weight. Whenever the baby cried he would "do nothing" and instead look to Megan or his mom for help.

Worse still, she discovered he had not been helping "with the household work nor cooking" despite the fact his child had been delivered by C-section, meaning Megan should have been avoiding any kind of strenuous activity.

Eager to do something, she told Megan she was being used as a "doormat" and expressed concern that she smelled bad and could have an "infection" in her C-section stitches. She ordered her to bed and told her son he needed to take on 100 percent of the "cooking and cleaning" rather than behaving like a "single teenager."

While Megan appreciated her strong words and has since booked a hospital appointment to check on the possible infection, her son was furious, branding her a "Karen" and claiming she was out to "ruin his marriage." Despite his anger though, the vast majority of people on social media felt she had been right to intervene.

BlackAngelWings317 said: "Your son should be helping out. You called him out on his BS and he didn't like it." Onlyonehoppy was similarly scathing, writing: "He probably just wanted his mum there to do the cleaning and helping out."

"I'm glad you were so absolutely blunt about being able to smell an infection because that's how much she's been neglecting herself," SufficientWay3663 commented. "Your son needed a reality slap."

Sylzsnafu said: "I hope you are gonna be there for her if they break up, he sounds selfish." with Weedandjewels also slamming her son's behavior: "Wife hasn't showered in days after an invasive surgery but that's clearly not his problem," they wrote. "He'd rather sit on his ass and expect her to do everything."

Big_Slap praised the mom for refusing to side with family, writing: "He sound extremely immature and needs to step up and be a Father, we need more mother-in-laws like you, that actually call out their sons' bull****instead of praising them."

Newsweek has contacted SpiritualProgress938 for comment.

A woman, a baby and a man.
Stock image of a woman, a baby and a man - a mother-in-law has criticized her son over an apparent lack of effort in helping his wife care for their newborn child. monkeybusinessimages/Getty