Mom Shares Clever Trick to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

As any parent knows, sometimes it can be hard to get your children to eat healthily.

From tears and tantrums to flat-out refusal, lots of us have been through the ringer trying to get kids to swallow down some salad.

But not anymore. Why? Because one woman on TikTok has come up with a clever way to encourage kids to eat vegetables, and it has been viewed 2.8 million times.

Posting to the app on January 8 via her account Adamyfam, the woman showcased the impressive method.

What exactly does it entail?

Well, holding up a cup of chopped peppers, the mom said: "Ok here's my hack to get the kids to eat their vegetables.

"I just go up to a child and start nibbling while I'm like, 'What's going on?' and I just hold them like this, no pressure, and we'll see if they take it."

She then walks up to her young son, who is playing on a laptop, and begins chatting to him as she casually pointing at screen with pepper in hand.


How we get our kids to eat their vegetables… right after they finished saying they weren’t hungry! #kids #vegitables #hack #health

♬ original sound - AdAmy

Next she casually waves a piece in his direction and her son takes from her without thinking.

After this she walks into another room where two girls are playing on the computer. Nibbling the vegetable she chats away to them before passing them a slice as she leaves the room.

Adamyfam captioned the informative video, writing: "How we get our kids to eat their vegetables... right after they finished saying they weren't hungry! #kids #vegitables #hack #health."

The useful trick has gained lots of attention online, having attracted nearly 353,500 likes and 2,600 shares.

Many people have also headed to the comments section to share their praise for the clever tip.

One TikTok user, SwedishSwan, wrote: "It's a scientific fact that food taste better out of your mom's hands or off her plate."

Another person, Feel Good Foodie, added: "100% this works with my kids too!

Kotadaaa admitted "Yeah this works. Seeing my mom eat salads and always wanting a bite of whatever she was eating... she never asked us to eat a salad in my life."

Just.Ateca typed: "Just to let you know, this doesn't stop. I've just now realized that this is how my mother got me to eat veggies. I'm 28."

User4187000096265 shared "This is not the point of the vid but this really shows how you have a great relationship with your kids. You seem like such a great mom."

Dij stated: "This is a visual representation of "kids don't be wanting it until they see you with it" [laughing-face emoji]."

Allyson Raymond105 commented: "Not one of your kids pushed you away when you sat close to them. It was relaxed and welcoming. I love this. It shows the you are a loving family."

RoxyPocket revealed: "I've never wanted a pepper more in my life."

Morgan Wade explained: "The way she's so chill and shows interest in what they are doing [sad-face emoji] that's how I wanna be."

fussy child with vegetables
A stock image of a child recoiling at a plate of vegetables. On TikTok a mom has shared her genius method for encouraging children to eat vegetables. Getty Images

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