Mom Shares Genius Hack for Easily Folding a Fitted Sheet Every Time

Folding fitted sheets can be a painful chore, with the elasticated edge inevitably bunching up and causing creases. There is an answer, though, and it can be found on TikTok.

User Amy Danastas, who posts as @amymaree922, has shared her mom's trick for folding a fitted sheet perfectly—and it has delighted social media users, who have watched the video 4.3 million times in five days. Only one tool is needed: a washing line.

The sheet is best folded just after it has dried and is hanging on the line. In Danastas' clip, her mom begins with the sheet spread out and hung from the middle with the elastic on the outside. Then she takes each end and folds it in about a third of the way.

Next she folds it on each side once more, to create a thin and long column, before removing the sheet from the line. Finally, she folds it in half and then in half again.

The trick is simple once you've seen it, but it has blown the minds of many TikTokers. The video, which has racked up 306,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments, can also be watched here.


Thanks Mum for the tip on how to fold a fitted sheet! #foryoupage #fittedsheet #mumhacks

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One commenter joked: "So you don't roll it in a ball and hide it in the cupboard."

Another TikToker wrote: "She cracked a code we didn't even know existed."

One posted: "These are my nightmare. I'm glad i've just seen this."

A viewer thanked Danastas and her mom, adding: "I'm always wanting to fold it right, but this trick might work for me."

Other viewers were looking for a technique that didn't involve a line. "Can she teach us how to do it if we don't have a clothing line?" asked one user.

Although Danastas has yet to respond to that request, an earlier TikTok video offers an answer—albeit slightly more fiddly.

As shown by user @kristinalburn, a chef and former Bath & Body Works employee, you start by laying the sheet on a flat surface like a table, with the elastic on top. Grab the bottom corners and tuck them into the top two corners, so the sheet is folded in half.

Next, put the sheet back onto the table, making sure the elastic is upwards again. Taking the end where the corners meet, fold it inwards. Then, take the other end and fold it inwards too.

Lastly, fold each end in the other way, leaving room for one last fold in half.

TikTok might not be good for solving some problems, but it does know how to fold a fitted sheet.


How to fold a fitted sheet. Way easier than it seems! What household task do you want to see next? #tiktokdiy #laundryhack

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Fitted sheet on a bed
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