Mom Shares Surprising Trick to Get Toddlers to Sleep Through The Night

Do you struggle to get your little one to go to sleep? Well, a mother on TikTok has shared a video of her very simple solution—and it has gone viral.

A mom by the name of Allison, known as agoyneee_xo on the app, posted the clip which began with herself and her young daughter sat in a bedroom.

Speaking into the camera, with her daughter playfully chiming in behind, Allison says: "I saw a video on TikTok that said if you give your baby a banana before bed, they will sleep through the night."

She then glances back at her child, before adding: "Anyone that knows me knows I've had the most absolute worst sleeper since the day she was born.

"We started the banana trick; we're about eight months in and she sleeps through the night."

Allison captioned her natural method, writing: "#parentinghacks #tricks #banana #toddlerlife."

The hilarious footage, which can be watched here, has so far been viewed a whopping 2.8 million views since it was posted on July 31.

The video has also garnered more that 232,100 likes and 28,000 shares.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the useful tip

One TikTok user, LenaNafea, wrote: "Tell us more things. I'm trying the banana with toddler tomorrow."

Another person, Eillischa, added: "OMG! I want to cry right now. I hope this works! 8 month old refuses to sleep longer than 30 minutes alone."

Metal Reptile joked: "**races to buy a whole forest of bananas** my son is 2 and has slept through the night 3 times in his life."

Katie Frost admitted: "Yup my baby is having a banana before bed tomorrow lol."

Raelene Metzger explained: "Omg I grew up believing bananas gave nightmares if eaten right before bed! They did that to me but good to know they help little ones sleep lol."

Amanda Frost revealed: "I'm sleep deprived and I thought you meant you let her sleep with a banana then I realized you meant she eats one."

But does eating banana actually help with sleep?

Well, Healthline explains that the fruit contains tryptophan which helps to make melatonin, which regulates the body's sleep cycle.

The website also adds that: "They're rich in potassium, too. This is an important element to human health and a natural muscle relaxant as well. According to one study, potassium levels also play a role in sleep, with more benefiting slumber time.

"Bananas also contain magnesium. A double-blind placebo-controlled study found that increasing a person's magnesium intake can help treat insomnia and other sleep-related problems."

toddler asleep in bed
A stock image of a child asleep in a bed. In a recent TikTok video a mom shared her clever hack for getting her toddler to sleep through the night. Getty Images

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