Mom Slammed for Performing TikTok Dance Next to Her Hospitalized Baby

A TikTok star has been criticized online after posting a video of her performing a viral dance in a hospital alongside her unwell baby.

Whitney Leavitt boasts over 475,000 followers on the platform, has an active presence on YouTube and co-hosts her very own podcast, The Monday Mama, which according to the Apple Podcasts official description offers listeners insight on the "realness of motherhood."

However, Leavitt's parenting credentials have come under intense scrutiny after she posted and then deleted a video of herself dancing energetically alongside her hospitalized son.

According to the video's accompanying caption her son "Lil Lee" was taken to the hospital because of "low oxygen" and subsequently tested positive for "RSV," also known as Respiratory syncytial virus, according to the CDC. While most adults will experience "mild, cold-like symptoms" the respiratory virus "can be serious, especially for infants."

Leavitt posted the dance video explaining they were "waiting for him to breathe better on his own." The video generated enough of a backlash on TikTok for Leavitt to remove it from the platform.

However, by then the clip had already appeared on Reddit, where it has drawn a similarly enraged reaction along with over 60,000 upvotes. The video has also appeared on Twitter.

Most people commenting on Reddit appeared stunned at the clip and the manner in which Leavitt chose to convey what is very serious news.

Pa2phx commented, sarcastically: "I bet her funeral announcements are fire." Other users like ShotCheeze, were more directly writing: "Stop it, get some help."

Middle_Message8081 branded Leavitt one of those "parents teachers are afraid of" while OneCelery01604 said: "The kid is doomed."

Another user, posting as -Wizeguy- said: "this really triggers me."

"Can't believe she's dancing and smiling for clout while her son is struggling for oxygen," they said. "Her priorities are all f***ed up, and it's going to be her son that suffers from it growing up. Hopefully she grows up quickly."

Moranth-Munitions added: "It's crazy that the addiction to social media is so strong that it can take center stage over the health of her baby."

In a follow-up video, a tearful Leavitt attempted to address the controversy in a clip filmed in what appears to be a hospital room.

"I understand that people are upset with the video that I made," she said. "I just want to be clear and communicate that that was just me trying to be positive."

Leavitt added: "I think it's important to not just assume what someone's going through.

"I took the video down because I could see, you know, where somebody could get the wrong idea but that honestly was just me trying to be positive in this situation."

The video can be viewed here.

Newsweek has contacted Leavitt for comment.

A woman filming a dance video.
Stock image of a woman filming a dance video. A TikTok star has been blasted for filming a video while their infant child battles a potentially life-threatening virus. Nattakorn Maneerat/Getty