Mom-To-Be Splits Opinion Over How To Bill Friend for $810 Vacation: 'Idiot'

A mom-to-be has divided opinion online over how to present her friend with a bill for their recent vacation, after she paid for their entire thing due to an awkward misunderstanding.

The pregnant woman shared the dilemma to Mumsnet under username Toastedcat, as she claims her friend had initially planned to whisk her away for a spa weekend as her treat.

But after the venue was fully booked, they had to rebook, with the mom ending up putting the new accommodation on her card as she found the deal.

She explained: "I asked if we should just do this instead—we decided yes.

File photo of money at the beach.
File photo of money at the beach. A woman has divided opinion over how to bill her friend for their joint vacation. AndreyPopov/Getty Images

"I paid for it on my card as I has [had] found it online. It was £420 ($524)+ for accomm, £50 ($62) spa credit, dinner and breakfast.

"Here is where I should have said, by the way it's costing X, is that okay? But I didn't. I kind of thought we'd just work it out between us."

With dinner, service charge and little extras, the final bill ended up being £650 ($811), as the mom-to-be continued: "She asked if I'd paid the balance (which she has no idea of what it is) and I said yes, and she went 'ohh, I wanted to do that!' Sort of scolding me, as though my card being linked to the room was somehow the same as me deciding it was a present.

"I feel SICK at spending so much! When we parted ways she thanked me for everything. I was too awkward/shocked to say anything as I didn't know if she actually thought I was intending to pay for the whole thing.

"I know it's my own fault for not being clear upfront but.... surely you wouldn't just assume because someone has booked something on their card it's a present? When it was initially the other way around?

I am still struggling to bridge the gap between that and it suddenly being a present from ME to HER.

"I'm so confused and I feel so angry with myself for letting this happen! I'm about to go on Mat leave with barely any maternity pay so it's not like I have a spare £300 ($374) lying around."

Her post has racked up more than 300 responses, and can be read here, as she shared more background to the situation in the comments.

She claimed it's a "lesson learned," as she debated asking her friend to simply cover the cost of the original Airbnb booking, around £250 ($311), which she'd been refunded for.

And she stated she'd "never dream" of asking her to foot the entire bill, branding the whole thing an "absolutely mortifying situation!"

Toastedcat added: "In my HEAD (yes this was my mistake) I was going to pay half of the new cost as it was a bit more expensive upfront because it included everything...

"I made a massive mistake in assuming that she would automatically offer to pay half or at least what she initially had said she'd pay. I also should have said something at the time."

Although she was still baffled at her friend not offering to pay a cent, confirming it was originally meant to be a birthday and baby gift from her.

"I can sort of see why she might see it less as a present and more of a joint trip due to the venue change, but I am still struggling to bridge the gap between that and it suddenly being a present from ME to HER," she fumed.

HollowTalk raged: "I think she is being very cheeky to assume that because you physically paid the bill that you were going to treat her to everything."

Chamomileteaplease asked: "Why is it taking so long for to just send a text asking for how ever much you want? What's the drama for?"

Justaboutawake pointed out: "Surely she's realised that she's not actually paid anything and should be feeling rather mortified herself?! Or am I missing something?"

The graphic below, provided by Statista, shows the most popular booking sites.

Infographic: The Most Popular Booking Sites for Accommodation in the U.S. | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Littlefireseverywhere commented: "Just ask her for half! It'll stop her feeling awkward too!"

"I think your 'friend' is a CF taking deliberate advantage of you. Send her the bill and ask her to contribute," 2bazookas said.

Dontjudgeme101 raged: "I think that this is disgusting. She is no friend. Please don't suck it up. She needs to pay you her share."

While she didn't specify where the vacation was, it's thought to be the U.K. as she used pounds. Across the pond, website Tripadvisor is the most popular platform to book a break, with 33.4 percent of the traffic share.

Next was, with 24.1 percent, then Skyscanner, with 9.9 percent, followed by Airbnb at 8.8 percent, and in fifth place is Expedia, with 5.4 percent of the share.

These figures, published by Statista earlier this month, were originally published by SimilarWeb Digital Insights and cover the last quarter of 2018.