Mom Dragged for Taking Daughter Out of School To Enjoy Sunny Day at Beach

A mother who let her child skip school to enjoy a day at the beach with the mom and sister has received a storm of criticism from users on Mumsnet

According to a post on the online forum shared by user Dorsetdelight211, her 14-year-old daughter said a friend's mother was "taking her and her younger sister to the beach for the day."

The user's daughter noted "how cool the mum is and how unfair it is that I never let her miss school for fun stuff," said the user, who explained: "I've got to work and even if I didn't I still wouldn't let her do it."

The user posed the question of whether she is being unreasonable, as "its a beautiful day, one day off school won't make a difference," or whether she's being reasonable because "school is important and you can't skive off just because the weathers nice."

A daughter and young mom at beach.
A young girl piggybacking on a woman's back on a sunny day at the beach. iStock/Getty Images Plus

The post received a wave of backlash from several other users, including MrsKeats who said: "You can't be serious."

User cosenza said: "Fgs [for god's sake] Do people really do this? It's only the first hot day, fgs. There will be plenty more!"

Bibbetybobbity stated: "No chance. I think it's almost impossible to do this as a genuine one-off (why not next time it's hot/snowy?) so I don't understand that argument at all..."

Several users said it teaches a "terrible lesson" to your kids and sets "a really bad precedent."

Strugglingtodomybest wrote: "I would never do this, it's a terrible lesson to teach your kids imo [in my opinion]."

FanFanFanFee said: "Ridiculous - YANBU [you are not being unreasonable] Sets a really bad precedent. Workers can't just sack off work because it's hot can they?"

Notagain76 wrote: "Think at that age it's important they attend. I'm all for having fun with the kids but where do you draw the line, snow days, beach days. Although everyone['s] circumstance are different."

MarysShackles noted: "I wouldn't do it even if [I] could as they do need to learn they can't just take a day off when it's hot or cold or raining or whatever. People still have to go to work in sweltering heat."

A few users were more understanding of the mother's actions, saying doing so would be okay as a "one off."

User coffeecupsandfairylights said: "I think it's nice so long as it's not expected and it doesn't happen all the time. Missing one Friday to go to the beach won't destroy her education! I'd certainly do it for my kids as long as it wasn't expected and they knew it wasn't a regular thing."

PetersRabbitt agreed, noting: "It's a one off, do it. I know a family that is going to the beach today instead of school, I imagine a few are so [I] don't think it will be as quite as what people imagine."

HeddaGarbled said: "I think it's going to [be] pretty unbearable in school buildings today, so I can see some sense in it for purely health reasons," adding "but I think it's going to [be] pretty unbearable in the sunshine too..."