Mom Tased Son to Get Him to Church on Easter, Police Say

Police said a mother in Arizona used a stun gun to wake up her son to get him to church on Easter Sunday, according to multiple reports.

Sharron Dobbins's 16-year-old didn't want to head out to church on Easter, an outing she took seriously. "I said, 'Get up! It's Jesus' Day!'" Dobbins, 40, told KNXV-TV in Phoenix in an interview.

Police said this is when Dobbins used a stun gun on her 16-year-old son to get him moving. Police claim she made contact with the stun gun, while court documents obtained by KTVK showed the mother claimed she "only sparked the taser to get the kids up for church on Easter" and denied actually using the stun gun on anyone.

PD: #Phoenix woman uses Taser on teenage son to wake him for church: #abc15

— ABC15 Arizona (@abc15) April 3, 2018

She claimed she was trying to teach her son, who wanted to spend the day hanging out, about not putting his friends first.

"I don't think I did anything wrong because you're supposed to put God first," Dobbins told KNXV-TV. "And that's all I was trying to tell my kids: 'Put God first.'"

The stun gun was taken in as evidence and while the teenager said he wasn't hurt, he did appear to have two small bumps on his leg in a spot where he claimed he was tased, according to the police report.

"He was like, 'Mom, I'm calling police,'" Dobbins said in the interview with KNXV. "I said 'You can call police, UPS, DPS, whoever you want to call. Police were on the phone and I told the dispatcher, I told her, 'You need to be with Jesus right now.'"

The mother was charged with one count of child abuse with intent to cause harm, according to ABC News.

"Nobody writes a book on the correct way of parenting," Dobbins said to KNXV. "I tell my sons to honor thy mother and thy father or their days will be shortened and that's my favorite."