Mom Telling Ex's Girlfriend Truth About Their 'Out of Wedlock Baby' Cheered

The internet has backed a woman who told her ex-boyfriend's new partner that she was never married to her ex, despite the fact that they have a daughter.

In a viral post, the woman who has a child with her ex-boyfriend explained how revealing the couple was never married upset his new girlfriend, who alleged she was forced to get an abortion by his family.

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Reddit user u/pinksquid5 explained how she and her ex had been engaged but not married, and things became uncomfortable after a conversation between her and his new partner. "His girlfriend recently asked me why we divorced and I explained we were never married but we broke up because I had bad postnatal depression," wrote the poster.

Upset woman and baby
A stock image of a woman looking upset on a couch, left, and a picture of a newborn baby, right. The internet has backed a woman for revealing the truth about her "out-of-wedlock baby" with her partner's ex. fizkes/NataliaDeriabina/Getty Images

But the news was not well received: "She started crying after I told her," explained the poster. The new girlfriend then shared that her partner and his family had made her get an abortion, saying that they "wouldn't accept an out-of-wedlock baby."

"She asked me if they tried the same with me and I told her they hadn't," said the Redditor: "However, his family did the same to my friend who was dating his brother."

When her ex was due to drop off their daughter at home, he arrived alone so he could confront his ex. "I ended up yelling at him and telling him he was no better than his brother and that I couldn't believe I had a baby with someone like him," she explained: "He yelled at me for interfering in his life and because I told him I didn't want my daughter around him or his family if this was the type of influence they were going to be on her."

Asking for advice, the poster finished and wrote: "AITA?" (am I the a**hole).

With over 300 replies, Redditors overwhelmingly sided with the poster. One commenter wrote: "God that family is messed up. Forcing an abortion on a poor gal is despicable."

"His family are revolting," said another reply: "I feel so sad for his girlfriend as well as your friend. I feel sad for you and your daughter."

Another commenter wrote: "You were asked a question and answered honestly, which is the ethical thing to do. And on top of that, you didn't know the context or his lies, so how would you know to cover for him?"

Newsweek has reached out to u/pinksquid5 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of this case.

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