Mom Nearly in 'Throw Down With Momma Deer' After Her Baby Starts Crying Outside

A woman has revealed she nearly had a "throw down" with a mother deer after her baby started crying outside.

Hanna Burton was filming her son enjoying tummy time on the deck, when he began to cry loudly. The 24-year-old rubbed his back while soothing him, telling him "it's ok," when she realized his cries had attracted an unexpected guest.

Burton, from Ohio, pans the camera to the treeline, where a doe can be seen bounding towards them. Alarmed, Burton quickly picks up her baby as the deer looks on, alert with its ears cocked.

In the clip she can be heard saying: "Oh no no no, this is my baby. This one's my baby. It's not yours. Hi momma. She thinks you're her baby."

She later added: "I've never seen this happen but I know they can be mean so I wasn't about to be pummelled by a deer."

Burton shared the bizarre exchange to TikTok on Saturday, where it's already amassed 23 million views. She captioned it: "When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside."

Onigirli joked: "She was ready to name that baby Tarzan and raise it as her own."


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

♬ original sound - Hanna Burton

Tasha commented: "Let it be known that the motherly instincts of a woman kick in regardless of species. Auntie deer came for emotional back up."

Daddy Dorito asked: "So you're telling me I can use my baby as a deer call?"

Shelly McGuire suggested: "Screaming rabbits sound like babies crying and deer are known to help them out. That's probably what she was thinking lol."

Agreeing, Tim Pregler wrote: "Deer are protective, probably thought it was a smaller animal in distress. They'll fight to protect rabbits among others. They're kind hearted."

While Jada joked: "Gil your child is a magical being and they most definitely summoned that deer."


#stitch with @hannaburton for all the mom shamers, thanks for watching 😁

♬ original sound - Hanna Burton

Some questioned the placement of her baby, causing Burton to defend herself in a follow-up clip, which she also filmed on the deck.

She said: "For those moms shaming me on my last video, saying I deserve to have my baby taken for laying him on a hard deck. It's not hard, it is padded, very much. Charlie boy loves laying out here, he's content. He's not hurt.

"He was crying because he was on his belly and couldn't roll over, and tummy time is also crucial, so don't shame me on that either. Say we like it out here, huh Charlie boy. No deer today."

Newsweek reached out to Burton for comment.

File photo of a toddler and deer.
File photo of a toddler and deer. A mom revealed she nearly had a "throw down" with a deer after her son started crying outside. Getty Images/Maria Argutinskaya