Mom Upset Over Fiancé's 'Lack Of Pride' at Her Giving Birth Has Internet Torn

A mother's confession that she became upset over her fiancé's apparent "lack of pride" after she gave birth has divided opinion online.

In a viral post shared Tuesday on U.K.-based discussion website Mumsnet, which can be seen here, user Anonymous2022xx explained she felt concerned about her partner's behavior during the birth of their child.

She said: "I gave birth in May. I'm really struggling with silly things upsetting me, it really upsets me that my fiancé didn't kiss me after the birth or tell me I did amazing or that he's proud.

"Feels like he didn't appreciate me. I feel so jealous when I see other people's videos after birth their partner showing them so much affection and appreciation.

Stock image of woman giving birth
Stock image of a woman giving birth. A mother's confession that she became upset over her fiancé's apparent "lack of pride" after she gave birth has divided opinion online. Getty

"I understand it was a shock and busy time for him too, but I feel like it took the magic away from the moment. He didn't watch my son be born either which I really wanted.

"Can't help but feel so let down by his lack of pride in me after the birth. Has anyone else experienced feelings like this?"

The mother's post generated a lot of interest on the Mumsnet website, with 125 comments being posted in the thread.

Many of those who shared their opinions wanted to know if the partner was present, and others shared their own experiences of giving birth.

One Mumsnet user said: "Was he in the room? My husband found it really traumatic and felt sick he'd 'put me through it' and said 'never again.' Wondering if maybe it was a huge shock to him and he feels bad or anything like that. Have you talked to him about it and told him how you feel?"

Another added: "Do you mean immediately after? My husband forgot I even existed as soon as he saw the baby haha. He b*****ed off with the baby while I was being stitched up from the C-section."

While a third commented: "Was he in the room? If he was and you wanted him to actually watch your child physically coming out of you then that's a bit much on your part.

"If you mean he chose not to be in the room at all then I can understand why you feel let down."

According to a 2020 survey by the German Mainz University Medical Center Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, some 79.8 percent of 318 fathers said their attendance during labor was "considered to be beneficial" for the dads themselves.

It added that 85.5 percent thought it was also beneficial for the mother, 5.8 percent for the newborn child and 73.6 percent for the relationship.

Only four people in the study could not see a purpose in being present when their child was delivered.

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