Moment Baby Realizes Father Is Identical Twin Goes Viral Online

A video of the moment when a baby realizes her father is an identical twin has gone viral.

The clip was shared to Instagram by Nathalie Fooks on her account @ariah.fooks, which is dedicated to her baby daughter. It has been watched more than 35.4 million times.

The video, which was posted on August 19 and is also on TikTok, begins with baby Ariah sitting in a child seat placed on a table.

She is staring at her father, who is standing in the corner of the room wearing a black T-shirt and waving at her.

Text overlaying the video, which can be watched here, reads: "The moment my daughter realized her father is a twin."

We then see the baby turning to face her uncle, who is sitting on the other side of her and also waving.

Ariah has a look of shock mingled with awe on her face as she turns back toward her father, then again to her uncle. The baby moves her head very slowly and has her mouth slightly open, as she tries to work out what she is seeing.

The text reads: "She is so confused!"

Fooks, who lives in Maryland, captioned the clip, "When your dad has an identical twin," and added hashtags including: "#babytiktok #babiesofinstagram #cutebaby #blackbabygirl #twinparent #babyinfluencer."

The video has garnered 2.5 million likes and thousands of comments.

One Instagram user, Honeydripper_, wrote: "Baby said 'what the hell? Somebody must've spiked my milk.'"

Another person, Wifeycanady, added: "She so cute tho but she wants answers."

Spoiledrotten17 joked: "Woke up from my nap and dada done multiplied!"

Megdagrella_ posted: "They making it worse with the hand gestures."

Coy_malone wrote: "She's like, 'Do something I recognize so I can pick the real one!'"

An_imperfection theorized: "She probably like 'how did he get over there so fast,' adding a string of laughing-face emojis.

Adannelove posted: "LMBOO why they do her like that she's like I know I'm not tripping."

Lovely_esor remarked: "She all like: what the diaper, I have two dads."

Another twins video that has gone viral in recent days is a clip of a baby throwing a bottle at his twin sister while she sleeps.

In the video—which was shared by Connecticut-based mom Cami Boehme—a nighttime camera captures footage of the twins lying in their cots, which are next to one another.

We then see the little boy, under cover of darkness, standing up and waddling to the end of his cot, before launching his bottle at his sleeping sister's head.

baby looking shocked
Stock image of baby looking shocked. More than 2.5 million Instagram users have liked a video showing the moment a baby realized her father was an identical twin. Getty Images