Mom's Reaction to Seeing Elton John at Concert Leaves Internet in Tears

Thousands of commenters were moved to tears after watching a now-viral video of a woman experiencing "complete euphoria" at an Elton John concert.

Aubrey Warmouth, the woman's daughter, shared the clip with TikTok and wrote: "When you take your mom to see Elton John." In just two days, the video has amassed more than 4 million views and over 1 million likes. It's also received thousands of comments from viewers who said the special mother-daughter moment was "precious."

The video, filmed as the "Tiny Dancer" singer took the stage, opens with Warmouth's mom staring at the stage with her mouth slightly ajar. As the audience cheers around her, Warmouth's mom lifts one hand but refuses to break eye contact with whatever's happening on stage.

When the lights change, signaling John's entrance, Warmouth's mom completely loses her cool and lets out a long, excited scream.

Elton John
A video of a mother in "complete euphoria" at an Elton John concert elicits thousands of emotional comments. The rock legend is pictured above. Erika Goldring / Stringer/Getty

"Oh, God," she says to her daughter before laughing.

The entire clip is set to John's "Bennie and the Jets."

According to his website, John is currently completing the final North American run of his last-ever tour, "Farewell Yellow Brick Road The Final Tour."

"This year will see my grand finale in North America, playing stadiums all around the country, with the most spectacular production I've ever had. Thank you for sharing this journey with me," John said in a social media video on March 29.

"I cherish these memories we're making together. It has been nothing short of incredible and I look forward to seeing you very soon one last time, on my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour," he concluded.

The "prolonged goodbye" began in 2018, and is now set to end in summer 2023, said USA Today. As it stands, his last show is scheduled to take place July 8, 2023, at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

Commenters loved Warmouth's video and were moved by her mom's excitement over the "Rocket Man" singer.

"This is beyond precious," stated Ally Yost.

"This made me tear up," wrote Elena Danielle Laudo. "Experiencing your mom's childhood memories exploding in her head and feeling complete euphoria."

"I got the chills! Probably brought back wonderful memories for her," said Amy Troiana Porter.

"This brought me to tears. I'm so happy she got to experience this," commented Rosie_Going_Silver.

Dena Disney-Christo added: "Wow. Made me tear up too. I hope Elton sees this. The impact he's had on our growing up."

Newsweek has reached out to Aubrey Warmouth for comment.

In other mother-daughter news, a mom went viral in January after sharing that she denied her daughter's request to use her college money on her boyfriend's "dreams."

In February, a mom received online hate for telling her daughter to stop gaming. That same month, another mother was slammed after admitting that she'd called her daughter a "bad person" at a dinner party.

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