Mom's Viral Video of Lobster Meal Ordered by Dinner Guest Sparks Debate

A mother took to TikTok to imply she had to pay for a dinner out when her daughter's friend, who ordered an "expensive" seafood platter, was invited, sparking a debate among commenters.

TikToker @outterwear, or Pandora Davis, shared two videos that have gone viral—one with over 100,000 views and one with over 2 million views. The first video has 114,000 views, and a voice overlay and text said, "When my child invited her friend to our dinner...Guess who ended up with the tab... ."

The video panned to show a dinner table full of plates and food. People were seen talking around the table as the 20-second video moved around to show the small space and the remainder of dinner.

In a follow-up video, which had 2.3 million views, the TikToker showed her daughter's friend's plate, which was a full seafood platter with lobster and shrimp. "When my daughter's friend's plate was the most expensive..." the video said with text in a quick five-second clip.

The post is also captioned with a few hashtags: "#nonewfriends #food #momdaughter #viral."

Seafood platter
Mom's viral video of a lobster meal ordered by a dinner guest has sparked a debate. Here, a seafood platter. LSVVSL/GETTY

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumers spent $3,459 on food outside of the home in 2018. About 44 percent of all food spending was on food away from home as well.

The second viral video has over 386,000 likes so far and 6,000 comments. The content started a debate among TikTokers about etiquette and what's appropriate when someone else is paying.

Some were on the side of the TikToker considering she had to pay for the food. "There's a difference between ordering what you want and just being plain greedy," a user wrote.

Others admitted they'd have their own emotions under the circumstances. "I would be so embarrassed if my friend did this to my mom," a TikToker pointed out.

One brought up an "unspoken rule" to abide by when someone else is paying. "Get food that is the same or cost less than what the person is getting," they added.

Another brought up "common courtesy" to not get crab legs "when 1. It's not a date, and 2. She is not paying."

However, not everyone would agree about what's proper when someone else is paying for dinner. "See...this is why I hate when people offer to pay!" another TikToker explained. "I'd rather pay for myself and be able to get what I want."

A user thought when someone offers to pay, "then you can't be mad at people who order what they want. Don't offer then."

Others didn't understand what the problem was with the order, as she's the guest. "I never knew there was restrictions at ordering when you've been asked out," a user said.

Still, others saw the humor in the situation. "Snow crab + shrimp + loaded potato? She bold bold," a TikToker exclaimed.

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @outterwear for comment.