WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results: Superstar Shake-Up Begins

It's the first night of the Superstar Shake-Up and the WWE Universe will want to watch this week's Monday Night RAW to see which superstars are coming from the Blue Brand and who will head to Tuesday nights.

We already saw SmackDown Superstars like The Bar appear on Monday Night RAW, so the Shake-Up has been teased for a week now. More high-profile names could be on the move, and that's not the only thing to look forward to tonight.

According to WWE.com, fans can expect to see more of Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley's next feuds. After Roman defeated Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, will he challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship that he had to vacate to fight leukemia? While Lashley looks to take out his frustrations on a new opponent after disposing of Dean Ambrose on his final night in the WWE last week. Losing his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania to Finn Balor hurt "The Almighty" Bobby Lashley, but that doesn't mean he can't hurt someone else.

Becky Lynch found an unlikely opponent last week when Lacey Evans, the sassy southern belle who did nothing but strut down the ramp for weeks, struck her with her Woman's Right on both RAW and SmackDown. While Lynch looks to take on all comers for both her titles, is she over-looking Evans?

Universal Champion Seth Rollins took on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston last week, only to be unceremoniously interrupted by The Bar. However, Rollins wants to make the Universal title to be important on Monday Night RAW again after months of being off television. Is his next feud already on the roster, or will a SmackDown Superstar make a splash on their first night on RAW and challenge for the top title?

The first night of the Superstar Shake-Up will be a doozy and here's everything that happened on the April 15 edition of Monday Night RAW.

monday night raw live results kofi kingston seth rollins


Opening Segment

  • Stephanie McMahon starts the evening by bringing out Shane McMahon to say that everybody on the roster can be changed. They tease certain tag teams can be broken up, but before the rest of the evening gets underway Shane shows photos from before WrestleMania, where he beat up Miz's dad.
  • Stephanie is about to announce the first change, when Miz comes out and attacks Shane. The two go back and forth before Miz hits Shane with a chair, causing the SmackDown commissioner to run away.
  • Miz is the first person to switch brands, going from SmackDown to RAW.

Ricochet/Aleister Black/Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins vs The Revival/The Viking Experience

  • The War Raiders from NXT are called up and now caleld The Viking Experience

IVAR. ERIK. The reigning @WWENXT #TagTeamChampions THE VIKING EXPERIENCE is here on #RAW! #SuperstarShakeUp pic.twitter.com/IDiiKhRKgB

— WWE (@WWE) April 16, 2019
  • The Viking Experience pin Zack Ryder after a Fallout

Cedric Alexander Hype Package

  • Alexander is confirmed to be coming to Monday Night RAW

Finn Balor vs Andrade

  • Zelina comes out and tells the WWE Universe who Andrade is.
  • Andrade wins via pinfall after a Hammerlock DDT

Elias Segment

  • Elias does his usual rundown of the city he's in but says that his musical abilities were strong enough to bring out Thuganomics John Cena and The Undertaker.
  • He's interrupted by Rey Mysterio who is the newest member of Monday Night RAW. After Mysterio chases Elias off, Lars Sullivan comes out. The two have a back and forth before Sullivan hits Mysterio with a Freak Accident and then a sit up Powerbomb.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable vs The Usos

  • Bobby says that when they are on their game, no one can beat them. Gable challenges any tag team from the back. The Usos answer the call and are new members of Monday Night RAW.
  • Usos win via pinfall after a Double Splash on Chad Gable.

Moment of Bliss with Sami Zayn

  • After an extended dance from Sami, and Alexa Bliss asks how it feels to be back. Sami says that he loves Montreal, but the people are the worst and the low point of his week is being in the arena with the fans.
  • Sami says nine months ago he would have loved the response he is getting but he can't stand the fans because they project all their negativity on him.
  • Alexa starts to defend the fans and asks Sami why he thinks he's so perfect.
  • Sami says that he might be from Montreal, but these are not his people. He lives in Orlando now and he's going to leave again.

The IIconics vs Bayley and Naomi

  • Bayley can't find Sasha Banks to partner with so she brings out Naomi, the latest addition to the RAW roster
  • Naomi pins Billie Kaye

EC3 vs Braun Strowman

  • Strowman tosses EC3 around and chases him up the ramp. Strowman tosses EC3 into the LED board and then through the stage.

Becky Lynch vs Ruby Riott (with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan)

  • Lynch wins via submission after a Dis-Arm-Her
  • After the match, Morgan and Logan try to get involved and Becky fends them off.

Backstage Interview

  • Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin talk about how it doesn't matter who Seth and Roman team-up with because they are too strong and good to be beaten.

Natalya Promo

  • Natty comes out to greet Becky in the ring. She congratulates Becky Lynch for her win. She says as one of the pioneers of the women's revolution she is happy how the women main evented WrestleMania 35.
  • Natalya says that she knows everyone is gunning for Becky's titles, but she tells Lynch that she is coming for the RAW Women's Championship.
  • Becky says that she had to work hard with the other underestimated and overlooked women of the division. She says it will be a pleasure to face Natalya in a championship match when she's interrupted by Lacey Evans.
  • Evans says she admires Natalya's determination. But the RAW Women's Championship deserves better than a has-been. She made a match between herself against Natalya to be the nubmer one contender for the RAW Women's Championship.

Lacey Evans vs Natalya

  • Lacey Evans pins Natalya after a Women's Right and then a Moonsault

Drew McIntyre/Bobby Lashley/Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/AJ Styles

  • AJ Styles confirmed for Monday Night RAW
  • Styles pins Bobby Lashley after a Phenomenal Forearm