Everything We Know So Far About 'Money Heist' Prequel Series 'Berlin'

The fight is nearly over for the gang of loveable thieves in Money Heist but that doesn't mean Netflix is done with the franchise.

Ahead of the show's final episodes, which will be released on December 3, the streaming platform revealed at a fan event on Tuesday, November 30, that the story was far from over.

Netflix confirmed that they had ordered a prequel series titled Berlin, named after the character of the same name played by Pedro Alonso.

Here, Newsweek breaks down everything we know so far.

What will Money Heist prequel Berlin be about?

Berlin, aka Andrés de Fonollosa, was second-in-command to The Professor (Álvaro Morte) and the group leader during their heist in the Royal Mint of Spain in Seasons 1 and 2.

Sadistic, ruthless, and terminally ill, Berlin led the heist because of his years of experience conducting similar heists as a jewel thief.

He met his end in Season 2 during one final fire-fight with police so that the others could escape, but he has continued to appear in the show through flashbacks.

Given Berlin's background, and indeed the character's continued popularity, a prequel about him makes sense because he has long history of heists to choose from.

The world is his oyster, so to speak, and there are many ways in which his story can be told, though the stakes may not be as high since viewers have already seen his demise.

Who will star in Money Heist prequel Berlin?

Alonso will return as his character, and the actor spoke during the Money Heist fan event about the prequel, saying it is "the beginning" of a memorable new chapter.

He said: "Today I was talking to Jesús Colmenar and we were saying that now we walk into the unknown, open to whatever happens and without expectations."

Referring to the Netflix show's screenwriters, he went on: "I know that these people will give the series every possible twist and turn.

"The responsibility [of making a spin-off] can be a burden and a prison, I hope we continue to have the courage to use this wonderful energy to risk everything again."

While it hasn't been officially confirmed who else will be in the cast of Berlin, it is possible that Morte will make an appearance given The Professor is Berlin's younger brother.

Patrick Criado, who played Berlin's son Rafael, may also reprise his role, as well as Diana Gómez, who portrayed Berlin's fifth wife Tatiana.

When will Money Heist prequel Berlin be released?

In their official announcement Netflix confirmed that the show would be coming out in two years time.

On Twitter the streaming platform wrote: "This heist might come to an end... But the story continues... Berlin 2023, only on Netflix."

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 will come out on Netflix on Friday, December 3.

Money Heist
Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo, Pedro Alonso as Berlin and Miguel Herrán as Rio in "Money Heist" Season 2. Berlin will be getting his own spin-off prequel series. Netflix