'Money Heist' Part 4 Ending Explained: What Happened At the End of 'La Casa De Papel' Season 4?

Money Heist (or La Casa De Papel) Part 4 pushes up the battle between the Dali-masked gang and the authorities into an even higher gear, with The Professor (played by Álvaro Morte) bringing down the entire Spanish government as revenge for their treatment of Rio (Miguel Herrán) and Lisbon (Itziar Ituño). His plan in Season 4, Episode 8 of the Netflix show, however, also creates his most dangerous threat yet when he leaves Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) with nothing to lose, setting her up as the major threat for Season 5.

What happened at the end of Money Heist Part 4?

At the end of the last episode of Season 4, titled "The Paris Plan," Alicia has tracked down The Professor and is ready to shoot him. Exactly how she got there is down to the "Paris Plan" of the title.

In this plan, The Professor revealed to the world the torture that the government had inflicted on Rio, in an interview that was broadcast across Spain. Just as the authorities held a press conference to deny these claims, The Prof sent out a second video which saw the torturer confessing to his actions. He then released a third broadcast that saw him talking about how the government was illegally holding Lisbon after The Prof learned earlier in the season that her death had been faked.

money heist part 4 ending explained
The end of 'Money Heist' Part 4 sets up Alicia Sierra as the main antagonist of the next season of the Netflix show Netflix

As part of their damage limitation plan, the government asked negotiator Alicia to say that she had ordered all of the illegal activities, and it seemed for a moment as if she would.

However, at the press conference she instead blamed the government. This ended her career and actually helped The Prof's plan to discredit the government, but also gave Alicia the chance to hunt The Prof down for herself.

Though Money Heist Part 5 has not been confirmed by Netflix yet, if it does it will surely see Alicia and The Professor in a deadly game of cat and mouse that surely only one of them can survive.

Before Alicia catches up with her nemesis, however, The Professor unveils the part of his plan that allows him to get Lisbon back. The Paris Plan works and she is released and put on trial. Meanwhile, the team tunneled under her route to court and managed to swap her with a lookalike. Lisbon is then finally reunited with the team, just in time to deal with Gandia (José Manuel Poga).

Early in La Casa De Papel Season 4, security expert Gandia had managed to get free from the handcuffs the gang had put him in and had tried to stop their scheme by taking hostage the newly recovered Nairobi (Alba Flores). He eventually agreed to release her, but shot her in the head as she walked free, in the shock move that encouraged The Professor to engage his Paris Plan.

Part of this plan is to release Gandia as a distraction that would allow them to capture Lisbon. However, Gandia decides to attack the gang one last time rather than go free. By the end of Part 4, he has been knocked out. However, he should still be considered highly dangerous and is sure to be back to cause trouble for the team in Part 5.

Money Heist Part 4 is streaming now on Netflix.