The Monroe Doctrine: $$

Diamonds may have been Marilyn Monroe's best friend, but it was 6,000 rhinestones that lit up her memorabilia auction last week. Of course, the rhinestones in question came attached to a certain sheer dress she wore to bewitch JFK at his 1962 birthday. But still--$1,267,500 for a used frock? "We got the bargain of the century," says Peter Siegel, who co-owns a high-end New York memorabilia store. "We were prepared to go much higher." He was lucky. Many shoppers paid top dollar and beyond: $268,800 for Marilyn's traveling case and makeup, $145,600 for her temporary driver's license. The 35-diamond "eternity band" that Joe DiMaggio gave Monroe after their 1954 wedding went for $772,500. Let's hope the ring holds its value longer than Joe held on to Marilyn.

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