Monster Crocodile Intimidates Shark in Drone Video

Drone footage has captured the moment a 16-foot crocodile intimidated a bull shark in waters off Australia's far north coast.

The enormous reptile was seen lurking in a shallow river in Western Australia's remote Kimberley Region.

In the footage, a bull shark is seen swimming toward the waiting crocodile before coming to an abrupt stop and immediately retreating in the direction it came.

The saltwater crocodile remains entirely motionless as it watches on.

Soon after the shark's encounter, the croc glides effortlessly through the thick river marshes, blending into the scenery as it awaits its next meal.

Chelsea and Bryce Wood uploaded the video to their YouTube Channel "Caravan Adventure Aus" earlier this month.

"A monster Salt Water Croc spotted hanging out with a Bull Shark not far from Ivanhoe Crossing in Kununurra," the caption reads.

The couple said they were fishing in the area the day before and had been "up to our knees in the water."

They estimated the reptile measured 5 meters (16 feet) in length, commenting "that's Straya for ya".

The video also appears on their shared Instagram page beside the description: "Just a couple friends hanging out in Kununurra. Bull Shark and Salt Water Croc".

The two predators faced off just meters away from people fishing and children swimming.

"There were a lot of people fishing and children splashing around in the water — people were oblivious," Wood told NCA NewsWire."We had been out fishing in knee-deep water, meters from where we (later) saw the croc... We were just copying the locals."

The young couple have been caravanning around Australia for the past nine months, having started their journey in South Australia.

According to their YouTube page, the pair restored an old Windsor caravan to allow them to live "off the grid" and on the road.

They recently arrived in the Northern Territory and continue to share snaps of their adventures across Australia's wetlands and nature spots.

As of November 24, the couple were in Marrakai, exploring the Corroboree Billabong in a bid to find another crocodile.

"Sundays adventure," a playful video caption reads. "We were lucky enough to have a personal tour guide for the day. Ken who's a family friend and local in the area took us out on his boat fishing and croc spotting. Was like nothing we'd experienced before."

 Saltwater crocodile
File photo: A Saltwater crocodile glides through the water in Darwin, Australia. Drone footage captured the moment a monster 16-foot crocodile intimidates a bull shark in waters off Australia’s far north coast. James D. Morgan/Getty