'Monster Hunter World' Spring Blossom Fest: End Time, Quests and Everything You Need to Know

The next big event in Monster Hunter World is the Spring Blossom Fest, which brings new aesthetics, weapons and gear to the popular Capcom game. If you're looking for new quests to take part in and gear to craft, you will definitely enjoy this two-week event. The Spring Blossom Fest is currently live in Monster Hunter World. If you're curious as to when it ends, what you can get and how to get the most out of this new event, we've got you covered.

If you want all this information in visual form, Darcblade15 has put together a convenient video showing all the new updates in Monster Hunter World.


The Spring Blossom Fest in Monster Hunter World starts April 6 and ends on April 19 UTC. The event started late on Thursday, April 5. It's likely this latest event will end around 8 p.m. EDT on April 18.


The biggest perk of participating in the Spring Blossom Fest is getting the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword. This exclusive weapon is very powerful and can be used by players of all levels. To obtain this weapon, simply complete the Every Hunters Dream quest to receive tickets to craft it.

As for gear, the Sealed Eyepatch can be unlocked by completing the Scraping with the Shamos quest. Shadow Shades can be obtained by completing the A Flash in the Pan quest, and the Kulu Ya-Ku Head can be accessed by completing the Egg Lovers Unite quest. Finally, you'll be able to get the Wiggler Head by finishing the Wiggle Me This quest.

To craft and obtain the weapon and all the gear in the Spring Blossom Fest, hunters will need to collect certain tickets from daily log-ins and completing certain quests and bounties. You'll need specific tickets to craft gear, but the general Spring Tickets come from the log-ins and daily bounties that are updated constantly. Keep checking the quest board every day.


To obtain materials to craft the new weapon and gear hunters will have to complete certain quests. There are 24 new event quests during the Monster Hunter World update, each having various rewards to win.

Quests from past timed events will also appear during the Spring Blossom Fest, so if you missed out on them the first time, you'll have another chance during the two-week period.

fI you're looking to strictly get tickets for the gear, you'll need to complete: Every Hunters Dream, Scraping with the Shamos, A Flash in the Pan, Egg Lovers Unite and Wiggle Me This.

Here's the complete list of Spring Blossom Fest Quests with the corresponding Hunter Rank and Rewards.

  • Up at the Crack of Dawn (NA) - Early game armor spheres
  • Chew the Fat (NA) - Great Jagras parts
  • Ya-Ku with that? (6) - Tzitzi Ya-Ku and Kulu Ya-Ku parts
  • Greeting the Gluttons (6) - Meal vouchers
  • Every Hunters Dream (8) - Tickets for Wyvern Ignition Great Sword
  • Wicked Wildespire Warfare (8) - Early game armor spheres
  • Flesh Cleaved to Bone (8) - Early game armor spheres
  • Kirin the Myth (8) - Kirin parts
  • Poison Posse (8) - Commendations/Wyvern bones
  • Scraping with the Shamos (11) - Sealed Eyepatch tickets
  • Flash in the Pan (11) - Shadow Shades tickets
  • Egg Lovers Unite (11) - Kulu Ya-Ku tickets
  • Wiggle Me This (11) - Wiggler Head tickets
  • Tripple Threat Throwdown (13) - Zenny
  • Rollin' with the Uragaan (13) - High-rank armor spheres
  • Deep Green Blues (13) - Gold Crowns
  • Wildspire Bolero (13) - Gold Crowns
  • Coral Waltz (13) - Gold Crowns
  • Effluvial Opera (13) - Gold Crowns
  • Rock N'Rool Recess (13) - Gold Crowns
  • Relish the Moment (30) - Augment Stones
  • A Simple Tassk (30) - Threat level 2 tracks
  • Tracking the Delivery (50) - Threat level 3 tracks
  • Snow and Cherry Blossoms (30) - Higher HR experience


During the Spring Blossom Event, hunters can change the attire of the Handler and Poogie. Handler's costume will shift back to her normal outfit when the event ends, but Poogie's changes will remain the same. These changes in clothes won't give any bonus, they are purely cosmetic.

If you go to the various shops in the hub, all items will be on sale. Be sure to use this time to stock up on healing items and anything else you may need to make your hunts easier.

The Spring Platter will be available to purchase, which raises your Attack, Defense and Elemental Resistance while also increasing your and your Palico's health and stamina. This can only be purchased in the Gathering Hub, not the canteen.

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