Joe Scarborough: Trump Election Strategy Will Fail 2nd Time Around—'Trump Kept Saying Drink My Coke and Then You Drink the Coke and...There's Raccoon Pee in It'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says President Donald Trump will need to come up with an entirely new strategy if he wants to win in 2020, using a bizarre raccoon urine analogy to describe his previous election promises.

The Morning Joe host was discussing a new CNN poll that suggested that voters are more likely to support Democrat candidate frontrunners Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke and Pete Buttigieg ahead of Trump at the next election.

Scarborough suggested that Trump will need to figure out how to grow his base of supporters following reports he is losing the backing of key demographics that helped him win in 2016.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll, 57 percent of white women with degrees said they won't vote for Trump in 2016, with less than two-thirds of Republicans saying they definitely will vote for him.

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio predicted that Trump's best bet is to suppress votes against him and hope people his core group of supporters will come out in higher numbers.

"I don't see it being successful, but then again I was wrong in 2016," Del Percio added.

Giving his own prediction, Scarborough said: "Donny, it just won't work because, guess what, Donald Trump kept saying, 'Drink my Coke, this is better than new Coke, drink it. It's the best thing you've ever had. You drink this…it will make you a better person, it will save America.' And then you drink the Coke and you find out there's raccoon pee in it.

"But you can't step back from that," he added. "And that's what he doesn't understand. Running a second time is far different than running the first time. So Donald Trump's going to be trying to point to everybody else out there. It doesn't work.

"This reelection for a president is a referendum on that guy right there," Scarborough said while an image of Trump was displayed on screen. "Did he did a good job? Or do we need somebody else?

"Has he exhausted you by his hatred? Has he exhausted you by his bigotry? Has he exhausted you by his tweets? Do you really want to take another chance of another four years?

"I think people look at the new flavored Coke and say 'you know what? I'll just have some water.'"

In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, Scarborough previously described how he would back a change in the county's laws to have allowed Barack Obama to run for president for a third term in 2016.

"If changing the Constitution and re-electing Obama two more times would break the fever that now ravages Trump's Washington, I would cheerfully champion the passage of that constitutional amendment, slap a 'Hope and Change' sticker on my shirt and race to the nearest voting booth to support the man historians will remember as the most significant president since Abraham Lincoln," Scarborough wrote.

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Donald Trump hosts a National Day of Prayer service in the Rose Garden at the White House May 02, 2019 in Washington, DC. Joe Scarborough likened Trump's 2016 campaign promises to offering a coke that has raccoon pee in it. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images