Morning Mix: Blago Wants to Skip Town -- to Costa Rican Jungle?

  • Blago Slated to Headline NBC Reality Show. Impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich already has his next move underway -- he's set to star in this summer's "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here," in which he will battle it out with nine other "celebrities" in the Costa Rican jungle. Pending, that is, the court loosening his travel restrictions. Can anyone forsee a judge OKing this?! [Variety]
  • Nobody Cares That Adam Lambert Is Gay. The media is trying to raise some interest in this story about Adam Lambert potentially being the first gay winner of "American Idol" -- he's the frontrunner right now. He won't specifically address his sexuality, but he "wears eyeliner" and there are online photos of him kissing men -- which ABC is comparing to the same "Idol"-run-ending past that David Hernandez faced, once it was revealed that he was a former male exotic dancer to primarily gay clients. And Bill O'Reilly is subtly (ha!) asking if it will affect Lambert's chances. The only people who don't care? The bajillions of voting fans. [ABC News]
  • Foxx Apologizes On Leno. Jamie Foxx apologized on Jay Leno's show late yesterday for his suggestion on his Sirius radio show, The Foxxhole, that Miley Cyrus (the "little white b**ch" with "all the gums") grow up and "make a sex tape," contract an STD or "do some heroin," among other things. The rant went viral after it was slapped on YouTube yesterday morning -- his justification? Sometimes comedians say things that go too far, and in his case, he's "the black Howard Stern," per his statements on Leno. [E! Online]