Morning Mix: Chris Brown Sued for Personal Injury

  • Man Sues Chris Brown for Personal Injury. Chris Brown is back in the headlines after his bodyguard was accused of assault -- and Brown himself sued for personal injury. Allegedly, Robert Rosen snapped a photo of Brown playing basketball at an L.A. gym on March 13. Afterward, Rosen says that Brown's bodyguard chased him down and beat him up; he's sueing for medical costs and more. [People]
  • Susan Boyle Reveals Her Inner Bad-Girl?. The Britain's Got Talent phenom, who rose to fame on her dowdy, sweet image, apparently lost her curse-word virginity at a North London hotel while yelling at police. Say two bystanders. People are always trying to bring her down, huh? [MTV UK]
  • Players Play Hard -- and People Actually Watch. The NBA playoffs have been riveting -- minus those god-awful Muppet commercials -- so it's no surprise that the ratings have set new records for the franchise. The Wrap reports that while baseball ratings are in double-digit declines, TNT and ESPN are reporting their biggest-ever NBA audiences and ABC, which broadcast Saturday's Lakers-Nuggets game, had its biggest Saturday night viewership in five months. [The Wrap]