Morning Mix: First Big Blockbuster of the Season!

  • Jackman & Co. to Jack Up Box Office. No competition here -- summer's first blockbuster movie, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," has little competition for a big box office sweep. "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" is another star-studded film opening, but as a rom-com with as-yet shaky reviews, the film looks to make little impact. 20th Century Fox has specific goals in mind for the X-Men film: to equal or best the $102 million "Iron Man" opening last year. [Variety]
  • Here's a sentence that could've been written at any point in the last two decades: Director Barry Levinson will make a film about his life, and it will be set in Baltimore. "Sixty-Six" will follow a group of characters who come of age in 1966, dealing with the Vietnam War and other historical hallmarks of the era. A diner will be the center of social life. Surprise! [The Hollywood Reporter]