Morning Mix: Happy "Earth" Day!

  • Cruise Script-Tailoring Is Keeping A Handful of Men Really Rich. Not everybody is scaling back or earning less these days. Variety reports that Tom Cruise has "single-handedly propped up the script-doctoring biz," with a veritable army of rewriters he has working on his next five projects, some earning $250,000 per week. As the paper reports, Cruise often has notes to alter the words, and has the rewriters tailor to his specifications after the studio's own rewrites are through. What's the excuse for "Valkyrie's" lame dialogue? [Variety]
  • Green Movie Opening Today To Jones' Soothing Tones. Happy Earth Day! Opening in honor of today's green holiday is Disney's documentary "Earth," a wondrous look at wildlife and our environment that NEWSWEEK says will terrify your children. James Earl Jones provides spot narration -- which is enough to make us want to see it. [NY Daily News]
  • Susan Boyle + Leather Jacket = The Makeover We All Saw Coming. NOOOO. She told us she wouldn't do it -- that she'd preserve her charming fuddy-duddy get-ups and self-styled brows -- but it looks like Susan Boyle has betrayed us all. Sporting a beach-y printed, lowcut dress under a downright trendy leather jacket, with heels and a made-up visage, she was photographed yesterday giving the double thumbs up. I suppose we all knew this was coming. [People]